Seven: The Days Long Gone Out Now!

Seven: The Days Long Gone Out Now!

The much-awaited 3D isometric-RPG from developers Fool’s Theory and IMGN.PRO, Seven: The Days Long Gone,  is now out and about in the world.

Seven: The Days Long Gone – It’s Here!

Seven: The Days Long Gone  is more than your standard 3D isometric-RPG as it takes heavy inspiration from Thief,  a cult-classic stealth game. And Introduces its own unique parkour-esque traversal system that lets you climb, run and jump your way around the Vetrall Empire.


Furthermore, as players take on the role of a master thief, they’ll be granted access to a host of skills and tools, allowing them the flexibility to approach missions they deem most fit. Either through the use of stealth, disguises, traps and such.

Seven: The Days Long Gone  is now available for PC via Steam. And it is currently on a 10% off  promotional discount on both its Standard and Collector’s digital editions, which lasts up until December 9th. And you can check out its latest trailer found below.

If you’d like to know more, you can also check out our preview on Seven: The Days Long Gone.

Seven: The Days Long Gone  is now available on PC via Steam.

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