Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Asian public sees first Gameplay

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Asian public sees first Gameplay

Last updated on August 26th, 2018

We had previously reported that Playstation Experience 2018 would be featuring a theater with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Gameplay previews for the public. But right now, those attending AniCon in Hong Kong can get a glimpse of game footage by attending the dedicated Sekiro station.

Sekiro First Public Gameplay

As reported by the SCMP and others, the Hong Kong Convention Center features display areas for Sekiro Shadows Die Twice and other upcoming videogames such as Spider-Man. Alongside all this there are plenty of manga and anime exhibitions, merch and giant Mechs. Overall an otaku’s dream

The Sekiro gameplay shown to the public is similar to that which the press saw at E3 2018. Featuring the same areas shown only to press before, those attending the event can see:

  • Both fantastical and humanoid enemies, some shown in the trailer
  • Grappling Hook action from the prosthethic arm
  • A stealth kill by dropping on an enemy
  • Stealth mechanics such as stalking roofs and corner checks
  • Prosthetic Arm kunais, hand-axe, smoke bombs
  • Parry and “poise” mechanics in action
  • Healing from a flask / consumable
  • Several examples of kanji warnings for actions: low health, enemy attacks, and even the smoke bombs
  • Death mechanic without resurrect

Sekiro Gameplay Takeaways

All of the above is closely related to what we discussed in our Sekiro preview: is it Souls? and players should get a better sense of what press outlet mean when they make comparisons to action-adventure games.

FromSoftware says that there are no stats or levels, leaving us to focus on perfecting our deadly craft with a katana on the right hand and several tools for the prosthetic ninja arm on the left hand. The upgrades found through progression can still be ingeniously used to create interesting takedown situations, but builds and leveling are an important part of souls that is – according to From – not going to be available.

  • On that note, currency systems are not tied to your death and are not used to ugprade your equipment, which is rather found by progression like in most adventure games. This departing from the Souls approach would likely be the most impactful to consider.
  • There are apparently no classes or a full-on character creator, albeit whether the character can or cannot be customized is still unknown (nioh introduced skins, disguises, and hair style selections to counter the lack of character creation).
  • Death and respawn mechanics seem to be radically different, and whilst we don’t have all the details it seems the game wants to focus on progression rather than punishment. However, Miyazaki’s interviews promise the return of that feel of perseverance and triumph over an insurmountable challenge, so don’t give up yet skeleton!
  • Another important difference to note about the game is that story-telling is rather more forward than in Souls titles, even though it retains a fantastical imagining of Japan. It felt like Nioh in the mix of folklore, shinobi tools and ronin roaming about the areas visited.

Busshi of Aretera
The “Death Master” (or Buddhist Master) of a Ruined Temple
An elder man without a left arm. Silent, ill-mannered hermit residing in a ruined temple deep within the mountains.
Furiously carves Buddha statues.
Picks up those defeated by Ashina’s commander, and will continue to assist

It is likely that similar footage will be available in August for Thailand’s Playstation Experience 2018. If you aren’t around Asia, Gamescom 2018 will bring about some content, and you can look for our reports from TGS 2018 in late September.

In the meantime, check out the recent Lore reveals, Sekiro To Have Eavesdropping: Famitsu Interviews Miyazaki – Translated, and our Dark Souls Remastered Review. You might also want to go check out the Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Announcement Trailer.

And of course, there’s the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice wiki.


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