Sekiro New Trailer Features Great Serpent

Sekiro New Trailer Features Great Serpent

With Sekiro Shadows Die Twice releasing later this month, FromSoftware have been releasing new trailers featuring deadly bosses and enemies, but none so far have been quite as ferocious as the Great Serpent.

Sekiro New Trailer Features Great Serpent

Towering over Sekiro, this Great Serpent definitely fits the name. In this latest trailer from FromSoftware’s Youtube channel, we see Sekiro run through a mountainous region with the viper setting its sights on him. Not only slithering with speed, this snake moves with great flexibility, ready to snap at the next victim to cross its path.

While the trailer is only 30 seconds, we get to see a new rocky area with plunging cliffs that will limit the player’s area of movement when it comes to the ground. It will be interesting to see if there are any other enemies that will be just as big, as it looks truly giant in size. This is the largest enemy they have revealed so far, and we’re definitely looking forward to seeing more. The trailer ends with the snake taking a snap at Sekiro before it cuts to black, leaving us in suspense of what will happen next.

FromSoftware are known for their challenging boss fights and terrifying enemies which greatly reflects their skills as a developer. Already sharing a few foes in their previous trailers for The Chained Ogre, Lady Butterfly and General Tenzen Yamauchi.

While the developer is heading in a slightly different direction to past souls games, one thing is for sure, their in-game adversaries are just as well put together and come in quite a variation.

You can check out the full trailer and screenshots below:

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will be releasing on March 22nd 2019 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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