Secret of Mana 13 Minute Gameplay Demo!

Secret of Mana 13 Minute Gameplay Demo!

The latest video from PlayStation Undergrounds gives us a sizeable helping of gameplay from Square Enix’s upcoming JRPG, the Secret of Mana  remake.

Secret of Mana – Refresh!

Running at 13 minutes-long, the recent video showcases the game’s new character interaction, dungeon exploration, and plenty of combat and looting. You can check all that down below.

We also learn that there’ll be an option to switch between the remake’s newly recorded music and the original SNES soundtrack. And its something that both new and old players can enjoy.

You can also check out some artworktrailers, more gameplay, and a Co-Op demo from the Secret of Mana  remake. Furthermore, the game will be having a LIMITED physical release.

Secret of Mana  will launch for PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and PC via Steam on February 15, 2018.

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