Scarlet Nexus Action-RPG is Free on Stream This Weekend

Scarlet Nexus Action-RPG is Free on Stream This Weekend

Check out the anime-inspired Action-RPG Scarlet Nexus this weekend for free on Steam.

Scarlet Nexus Action-RPG is Free on Stream This Weekend

If you’re looking to play something this weekend then you’re in luck. Steam has announced the vibrant Action-RPG Scarlet Nexus will be available for a limited time only. You can check out the brain-punk game all this weekend at no cost. If you’re eager to pick up the title after you play, you can get all editions with 75% off. The Deluxe Edition is on sale until January 31st, while the base game and Ultimate Editions run until February 2nd. Meaning you can pick up the game for as little as $15.

The JRPG was released originally in 2021, and developed by Bandai Namco and Tose. It follows a group of characters with special abilities who are recruited to fight the dreaded Others. These enemies come in different twisted forms and will require the team to take them down. Yuito for example has the power of Psychokinesis, being able to lift items and throw them. He can also temporarily borrow psychic abilities from his companions. The gameplay is fast-paced, wielding the power of the mind and more to throw objects.

Throw objects with the power of the mind to defeat the Others in Scarlet Nexus this weekend.

The game has since received post-launch content, even a crossover with Tale of Arise, gaining weapons, gear and more. The last major update added a Very Easy mode for those who just want to enjoy the story. The game went on to sell over one million copies worldwide.

Will There Be a Scarlet Nexus 2?

The developer has also stated they want to continue the IP with a Scarlet Nexus sequel but with a more mature focus. As for a sequel, well there aren’t confirmed plans of that happening at the moment, but director Kenji Anabuki did share a few thoughts on what he would like to portray in the next one including continuing with the ‘superpower’ theme and creating a story more suited for a mature audience.

If you want to learn more about the game you can check out our Scarlet Nexus Gameplay Demo Review: I Can’t Wait For More! Hands-On With This Genshin-Style JRPG. Also you can drop by our Scarlet Nexus wiki for all the latest info.

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