Scalebound Rumored to Be Rebooted By Microsoft

Scalebound Rumored to Be Rebooted By Microsoft

According to gaming site Somosxbox, rumors abound that Microsoft is renewing Scalebound, the canceled dragon buddy Action RPG that was being developed by Platinum Games for the Xbox One and PC.

Through some trademark technical sleuthing it’s been surmised that the trademark for the game is now active again as of May after being dormant since it was canceled last October. According to further reports the speculation is that development would begin again from scratch by an important close Microsoft team and not by Platinum Games.

Scalebound was one of our Top 20 RPGs of 2017 back when we thought it had life, as its unique dragon bonding and multiplayer gameplay seemed like it would be a great time with friends. It will be interesting to see if this has any lasting legs and whether the game is really getting a reprieve from development hell. If it is getting rebooted from scratch, this is probably not a title to expect anytime soon. We’ll be sure to update once there is official word.

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4 comments on “Scalebound Rumored to Be Rebooted By Microsoft”

  1. Avatar EldritchImagination says:

    Waitwaitwaitwaitwait….So you’re saying…that Microsoft cancelled Scalebound for Platinum Games…supposedly one of their lead designer’s dream project…..and is now starting it back up again without them. If that’s true, that sounds like a pretty dick move.

  2. Avatar MercwithMouth82 says:

    I can only hope this is a joke… Cancel a platinum game to develop the IP without them… That can only turn out… great…

  3. Avatar Fallenangel700 says:

    I agree with you guys. This is one case where development hell is the better choice.
    Seriously, why would they cancel it just to restart it half a year later (supposedly) from scratch with a new team? If the game had been canceled 10 years ago, that would have been more than ok. But this just sounds like they are trying to cut Platinum Games out of the deal through red-tape-bullshiftery.

  4. rune_1973 says:

    one of the main problems is not continuing this with platinum games is stupid as they already started working on it and good ideas for it. But starting it up again with a diferent team this game may turn out if this is true way diferent from what it was going to be.

    It may even turn out as rubbish they may even we dont know take out a lot of the stuff we were atracted to the game by like the desighning your own dragon the big co-op monster battles even the free roam in campaghne with the smaller monster battles it may all change for the worse.

    We all know what microsoft and other companys can be like lets hope if it is true all what we were gona get before it was cansald stays in it the big battle the part open world and all the other things and that it turns out good.

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