Sand Land RPG Gets Stunning Extensive Trailer
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Sand Land RPG Gets Stunning Extensive Trailer

Stunning new Sand Land trailer previews the upcoming RPG based on Akira Toriyama’s manga showing off gameplay, locations and more.

Sand Land RPG Gets Stunning Extensive Trailer

The new trailer for Sand Land gives players an overview of the setting for the beautiful RPG based on Dragon Ball creator, Akira Toiyama’s manga. Toriyama is the character designer for Sand Land and has not let anything to spare for this adaptation into a fledged RPG.

The trailer introduces a world where the resource of water is overbearingly controlled by a king. In order to restore balance to the world, a trio of misfits led by Beelzebub will fight to make things right again. Embarking on an adventure in search of the “epic spring”.

If you’re unfamiliar with the story, it’s a world full of mech vehicles and quirky characters. As post-apocalyptic settings go for games, this one appears to be more on the cheerful side despite the apparent cartel taking over what’s left of the water supply. Thus begins an adventure into the barren desert in search of a long-lost lake.


The Action-RPG will pack a punch as Beelzebub is fast-paced fighter with a number of skills to take on. He has access to both light and heavy attacks, which you can chain together. These moves can be more aerial, or ground-based, and can be comboed. Try sneak attacks to take enemies without a fuss. Teaming up with Thief and Rao, who can assist in fights as well as lend their advice during your travels.

The skill tree system includes the Dark Release, which emits a massive blast. Players can also utilise the ability to turn Beelzebub’s “body to metal” for some extra protection in battles. This type of skill needs to be charged up to unleash finishers. Items can be used to boost Beelzebubs with Power Ups that provide a buff for defence or offence.

This band of unlikely acquaintances then venture together coming across dragons, bandits and much worse. Sand Land is not only a manga but has a movie coming west later this year.

Water is a Precious Resource

As the game’s main theme is about scarcity of water, there are even water mechanics involving Beelzebub’s water bottle. If full, the bottle can help replenish his health, so it’s important to keep filling it up. Around the world there are places where players can refill their empty container which they will need to be on the lookout for.

Sand Land water resource

Customisable Vehicles

Previously, developer ILCA showed off some of the Vehicles players will get to use in the game. These aren’t just modes of transport but also can be used in battle such as the Hovertanks. Jumpbots for example are great for leaping across high cliffs. Players can equip five capsules at the same time, to whip out a vehicle on the go when needed.

Customisable vehicles in Sand Land

While vehicles can provide protection, they won’t survive everything. If you bite off a little more than you can chew in a fight, you may end up losing your life and going down with your vehicle. But threat not, as there are plenty of ways to customise to come back better and stronger. Affix rocket launchers, lasers, machine guns and even shotguns. Attach different engines, fenders and more to adjust how your vehicle performs and cater to your preferred playstyle. Upgrading durability will help you take further hits in battle and provide the necessary armour.

Friendly Skill Trees

Upgrading skills for your friends such as Thief and Rao will come in handy. Rao can even ride in the tank to help fire at foes. Thief does exactly what his name suggests, they can pilfer items useful for your adventure or unearth some rare loot. There are also other handy active abilities such as Ann who can employ a Fuel Saver to add a further boost of energy to your vehicle.

Ann has a handy skill called Fuel Saver

Building the World Around You

Making Spino your home may take some effort but it’s the perfect place to put down some roots. Here you can build your own base, including walls and place furniture. This will give options for upgrading your vehicles and obtaining some useful items from merchants. You can truly make this place your own by choosing from more rustic themes to cyber sci-fi styled hideout.

Completing side quests won’t just gain you useful items but will actually impact the world around you. The towns will start to evolve depending on the quests you take on. It will help to unlock further services as well as provide further opportunities for sand-filled adventure.

Sand Land is looking to be a really fun adaptation of the manga, with bright colourful visuals and plenty of car combat.

Sand Land will be coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox Series and PC on April 26th 2024.

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