Salt and Sanctuary is Free on Epic Games Store

Salt and Sanctuary is Free on Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store continues its giveaway of free mystery games adding Salt and Sanctuary as its free game for December 29th.

Salt and Sanctuary is Free on Epic Games Store

Epic Games has been giving away free games all throughout December, with the likes of Control, Moving Out and its latest addition Salt and Sanctuary. Epic users have until 12:00 AM on December 30th to claim the salty souls-like for free to keep forever. Did I mention it’s free?

If you haven’t checked out Salt and Sanctuary it will be a great addition to your library as it brings the punishing challenge of a souls-like to the 2D world of the Isle of Salt. Salt and Sanctuary follows the woeful tale of a single survivor from a shipped wrecked crew whose soul is condemned as a Saltborn. The Saltborn must escape the nightmare of the island as hellish beasts and vengeful undead attack. Players can tackle this trial alone or in local co-op with a friend, against the most challenging bosses. The game not only sets to challenge but brings a wide variety of builds to choose from with an expansive skill tree to truly cater to your playstyle. You can find out why it made our Top 10 Soulslikes To Play While You Wait For Elden Ring here.

What’s better yet, with Salt and Sacrifice announced for 2022, you can now dive right into the prequel and best all the bosses in time for its release. If you need help taking down your latest foe, be sure to head to our Salt and Sanctuary wiki as there are game progress routes, maps, armor and more to help you out.

The recently announced sequel Salt and Sanctuary is expected to launch in Q1 2022, adding a sequel to the beloved Action-RPG title. This time players will play a new protagonist who needs to hunt mages and with the improved multiplayer mode, you can also invite a friend to play with you in both online and local play. You can check out why it made our list of RPG Games 2022 right here.

Salt and Sanctuary is currently available for limited time only for free on Epic Games Store. It’s also available to buy on Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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