RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Early Access

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Early Access

For any fans of the Rooster Teeth Series RWBY, there has been an early access of the game RWBY Grimm Eclipse on Steam.  It is a cooperative action RPG where you can play in four player teams of the members of team RWBY and players can have a team filled with all the same character if they so choose.  Gameplay can be considered a mashup of Dynasty Warriors, Devil May Cry, and Kingdom Hearts.  If you enjoy mission objectives and wave after wave of enemies you will not want to put down that controller.

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With all that said, for anyone that doesn’t know about the web anime RWBY, I will provide a brief summary of the show.  The main characters of the show are a group of 4 girls who are attending an academy for hunters and huntresses called Beacon and the four girls are brought together to form a team called RWBY.  Most hunter and huntress teams are composed of 4 members and are named by an acronym from the team members initials.  A large allure of the show is the use of transformative weapons that are fueled by a compound called dust, Hunters and Huntresses use Auras along with these weapons to fight the Grimm which are creature of destruction the Hunters and Huntresses are responsible for defending the world from.  There are also a number of competing factions seeking to disrupt the government and way of life. If I have piqued your interest in the show you can find episodes over at Rooster Teeth to check out as well as their hit web machima Red Vs. Blue.

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Now, a little background on the game development.  RWBY Grimm Eclipse started as a fan made demo created by Jordan Scott. A day after Scott released the demo, Rooster Teeth contacted him with interest in developing a full game.  Scott agreed and development began on the game right away and the early access version of the game is currently available on Steam, released on December 1st 2015.  With Steam’s early access program, the game will continue to be in development but players can play it as it is updated and provide feedback and input. If the game does well it will move beyond being a PC game and go multiplatform,  and I personally feel the game looks like it would be more fun to play on consoles.  If all goes well there will be dlc for the early access allowing players to use the member of team JNPR.

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As it relates to the story of the show, the game has been mentioned to be canon to the series and takes place between season 2 and season 3. The game also introduces new locations never before seen in the show adding an element of newness to the game which makes it essential playing for any fans of the show.

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Check out the game’s page on Steam to get an idea of the frenetic multiplayer combat and gameplay and keep checking back with us for more previews and looks at unique and interesting games that may be flying under your radar!


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