Rumour: Starfield Release Window Leaked

Rumour: Starfield Release Window Leaked

Microsoft are holding some sort of event with Bethesda next month according to reports, and updated information could have revealed the release window for Starfield.

Rumour: Starfield Window Date Leaked

Microsoft is planning to hold some sort of event in March, to share plans about Xbox and Bethesda. Industry insider Jeff Grubb, shared in a GamesBeat Podcast that Microsoft will be holding an event which could be separate from E3 2021.

Yeah, I think they’re gonna have an event for this. Leading up to E3, I think this is one of the milestones for Microsoft. Once the deal closes they will talk about it in a in a big way. I don’t know if it’ll be like a full direct style event, but they will make note of it and they will talk about it extensively and explain what it means to everybody and kind of talk about the immediate future for both companies.

This event could be giving a release window for the upcoming space set RPG Starfield, which up until this point has had little info on when it will release. According to a ResetEra (reported by PushSquare) known leaker who goes by the name of “NateDrake”, Bethesda was planning to release the game towards the end of 2021 however, due to the pandemic, development may have shifted:

There has been a strong hope & desire to have Starfield launch this year. How major the impacts due to COVID have been on the title is anyone’s guess, but 2021 was the intended goal for release as of a few months ago.

ZeniMax Media and its subsidiaries which include Bethesda Softworks was acquired by Microsoft back in January, but the ruling for this acquisition will be approved by EU antitrust regulators by early March. Following this completion of the acquisition, it is expected some sort of press event will take place, which could be giving us a better idea of when Starfield will be released, and hopefully a better outline for Elder Scrolls 6.

Previously Xbox head Phil Spencer shared the importance of Bethesda joining Xbox calling it “very very critical” for Xbox’s progress and being “incredibly excited” about Starfield.

Following this major acquisition calls into question about the platforms these games will be available on, whether they will continue to develop the games for Playstation, or stick to Microsoft’s own console Xbox and PC versions. However, Microsoft has been known to be more open with cross-platform titles, allowing cross-play for bigger games. It could be argued a timed exclusive might be a better bet though for Xbox consoles.

Before we all jump aboard the hype train or space shuttle in this case, take these leaks with a healthy pinch of salt as so far there hasn’t been any official news from Microsoft or Bethesda. If Starfield is releasing in 2021, this would be an exciting year for Microsoft.

What We Do Know about Starfield

There is a lot we don’t know about Starfield, but what we do know is that the game is being developed along with The Elder Scrolls 6 on Bethesda’s new game engine. It’s the first new IP for Bethesda in about 25 years.

It’s led to our largest engine overhaul since Oblivion, with all new technologies powering our first new IP in 25 years, Starfield, as well as The Elder Scrolls VI.

Todd Howard

Starfield is a single-player RPG with space theme, a new area that the developer has not explored before. The game was first officially announced at E3 2018, so hopefully there will be some new details about the game soon. Todd Howard shared at E3 that the game has long been thought about and “spent years…working on”. Howard also teased that the game will introduce new systems, and gameplay ideas that the team has not explored before.

From the sounds of this, Starfield will return to the RPG roots fans have grown to love, but introducing something new, in an unfamiliar world with a new adventure to embark upon. Fallout 76 was Bethesda’s latest RPG experience which took a completely different route, being an online multiplayer open-world survival game, which was met with a rough start. Following this, the developer has continued to improve the game. It is unknown if Starfield will incorporate some sort of multiplayer facet, whether that be in co-op or another form.

Bethesda are currently working on both Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6, but Starfield will be the first out of the gate. Howard also said they were concentrating on the “next generation of gaming technology” which would line it up with Xbox Series X, which has now launched since then.

Do you think we’ll be hearing more about Starfield soon? What are you hoping Starfield will include? Let us know in the comments below.

In the meantime be sure to drop by our Starfield wiki for all the latest.

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