Rumour: Project Awakening is Getting a Playable Demo

Rumour: Project Awakening is Getting a Playable Demo

A recent post by Twitter user Renka_schedule has shared developer Cygames could be revealing a demo for the long awaited Project Awakening soon.

Rumour: Project Awakening is Getting a Playable Demo

It has been a while since we have seen more than screenshots and a trailer for the action-RPG Project Awakening. The title came onto the scene when a clip was released back in 2016. After that a second trailer was revealed in 2018 during a Playstation Lineup Tour featuring a knight-like hero who looks to be taking on this monster one-on-one.

We also were fortunate enough to have an interview with developer Cygames about Project Awakening. When we caught up with the producer Kenichiro Takaki during E3 2019 this year, he revealed it to be a high fantasy title with a scope similar to that of Skyrim. But many details had been deemed undecided and he had said the title would mostly likely be released “probably next year”.

A recent tweet by the Twitter account Renka_schedule has highlighted the news that Cygames has registered with Europe PEGI which includes details that some sort of demo is on the horizon. The details share: “This trial version will allow players to get a taste of the combat and action available from Project Awakening, an action role-playing game featuring photorealistic graphics”:

It was earlier this year when Cygames registered the trademark “Project Awakening: Arise” in Europe, which led us to believe it was for a possible another project or demo. This new bit of info points to the latter.

When this demo will be revealed is uncertain but this is interesting news as we have yet to see some gameplay of the title.

In the meantime you can check out our E3 2019 interview in Project Awakening Interview With Cygames for more details.

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