Rumour: Next Ninja Theory Game is Bleeding Edge

Rumour: Next Ninja Theory Game is Bleeding Edge

A trailer has allegedly leaked on Twitter for Ninja Theory’s next game ahead of the Microsoft E3 2019 conference.

Rumour: Next Ninja Theory Game is Bleeding Edge

According to a Twitter used Nibellion, the trailer that is suppose to be shown at Microsoft’s press conference next week has leaked, showing online melee combat with 4 vs 4. The tweet also reveals the title of the game from Ninja Theory called Bleeding Edge, which is apparently at alpha stage and will the alpha test will launch on June 27th.

Along with tweet is a screenshot taken by a Swedish blog Xboxer. The trailer which is still available online, shows a minute long look at title with heroes and enemies fighting it out. Weapons range from up close melee weapons such as big swords, axes, sawblades to ranged weapons. There also other dangers that pop up during the fight including a train that decides to run over one of the characters.

You can check out the trailer below:

As with all rumours around this time, take them with a pinch of salt, but we’re eager to see more what’s coming.

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