Rumour: Final Fantasy XVI To Be Timed PS5 Exclusive

Rumour: Final Fantasy XVI To Be Timed PS5 Exclusive

Rumour has it Final Fantasy XVI will be coming to Playstation 5 a lot sooner than most would anticipate according to a ResetEra user.

Rumour: Final Fantasy XVI To Be Timed PS5 Exclusive

The launch of Playstation 5 is inching closer, and along with a new console launch comes a number of rumours and predictions for game releases. One in particular is Final Fantasy XVI. The last Final Fantasy title (not counting the Final Fantasy 7 Remake) was Final Fantasy XV which launched almost 4 years ago, this leads many to believe Final Fantasy XVI will be coming to PS5 at some point, but recent thread rumours hint that it will be launching a lot sooner than what you might imagine.

Final Fantasy XV released in 2016 on PS4 and Xbox One. An action-RPG which also had co-op multiplayer with the expansion Comrades.

In a thread on ResetEra (originally reported by Wccftech), a poster by the name of Navtra has shared that FF16 was supposedly to be announced in June as a PS5 exclusive, but for some reason the news was delayed. During that time the exclusivity for the platform was not certain, it seems to be going in that direction now. Navtra says the next title is “closer than most people would think.” In Square Enix’s June’ event only Project Athia was announced.

Why should we believe this rumour? The user Navtra has been correct in the past, they originally revealed the Future of Gaming event lineup and even knew about the Marvel’s Avengers PlayStation exclusive DLC before it was officially announced. This user is also has been verified by a ResetEra staff member called Transistor, vouching that Navtra has evidence/knowledge on the subject.

None of this is confirmed however, and with all internet rumours should be taken in a grain of salt. This isn’t too hard to believe as it has been sometime since the previous title, and with a new console underway it would make sense news would be coming. As for why this wasn’t announced in June it could be due to the current pandemic which has caused a number of delays and event changed most physical events to online ones. We’ll keep you posted of any announcements.

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