Rumour: Final Fantasy XVI To Be Revealed at PS5 Showcase

Rumour: Final Fantasy XVI To Be Revealed at PS5 Showcase

Square Enix could be getting ready to reveal Final Fantasy 16 at the Playstation 5 digital showcase event this Wednesday.

Rumour: Final Fantasy 16 To Be Revealed at PS5 Showcase

The Playstation 5 event is broadcasting this week, and the internet is abuzz with speculation of what might be revealed. This includes Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XVI. A couple of indications has sprung up which includes a registered Twitter account that has been set to private and a hastily deleted retweet by Final Fantasy brand manager Shinji Hashimoto, for the showcase of Sony.

Recently an account has been discovered on Twitter which supposedly is an official Final Fantasy XVI register account @FF16_JP, but  it’s set to private. According to Digital Trends, the account was spotted by netziens to have a recovery email tied to Square Enix.

Then there was the quickly deleted tweet by Shinji Hashimoto, the brand manager for FF, who retweeted the PS5 announcement of their showcase on September 16th, but it was then deleted. But as with anything shared on the internet, there’s always screenshots.

The third inkling is from Kinda Funny co-host Imran Khan, who commented on a recent tweet that it would be a “good time” for the title to be unveiled. While this doesn’t exactly confirm whether or not they know something, it does make sense.

Last month there were rumours that FFXIV would be a timed PS5 exclusive and is “closer than most people would think”, which also sets the game on the path for this week’s showcase. But it’s not known if they’re ready to reveal. It’s been almost 4 years ago since the launch of Final Fantasy XV, so maybe it’s time?

While Square Enix is still working on Final Fantasy VII Part 2 Remake, it still seems quite a while off. Then there is the Project Athia reveal earlier this year in June. We’ll have to find out this Wednesday if Square Enix wil be unveiling FFXVI.

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