Rumour: Bloodborne Remaster Coming to PS5 and PC via Bluepoint
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Rumour: Bloodborne Remaster Coming to PS5 and PC via Bluepoint

As we get further into June with the anticipation of announcements, the rumours have also been flying. One particular FromSoftware rumour has returned in terms of what Bluepoint is working on, this time it’s Bloodborne.

Rumour: Bloodborne Remaster Coming to PS5 and PC via Bluepoint

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Bluepoint Games working on a remaster of a FromSoftware title. While many speculate it’s a Demon’s Souls rework, some speculate Bloodborne could be getting a 4K upgrade, 60fps and PC release.

The Youtube channel PC Gaming Inquisition shares they believe Bluepoint and QLOC who worked on the Dark Souls Remaster are working Bloodborne for PS5 and PC. Up until this point Bloodborne has been a Playstation exclusive. The channel says it has sources that have been correct in the past about leaked news, but cannot disclose who these sources are.

Stoking the bonfire further, the video also goes on to say that this isn’t the only Sony-exclusive that it making its way to PC either. No titles were mention as for what the other Sony title could be.

There is also mention about the postponed PS5 event that is now happening later this month. It apparently is going to reveal the full remake for Demon’s Souls but will be an exclusive to PS5. As previously mentioned this isn’t the first murmur of a Demon’s Souls remaster.

Bluepoint have also stated in the past that their new project for PS5 is their “greatest achievement”, so whatever they are working on will be pretty major:

We [Bluepoint Games] originally remastered Shadow of the Colossus for the PS3 and then remade it for the PS4. It’s the only one we’ve touched twice and to date it is our greatest achievement, so it’s easy to say that is our personal favorite. However, there’s no question in our minds that our current project will become the achievement we’re most proud of.

Bluepoint have also shared they are working a “re-envisioning” of a previous title, which would line up with a remaster. The developer has worked on the the remake for Shadow of the Colossus and says this current project goes beyond what they imagined.

Of course all of this should be taken with a pinch of salt as there are no confirmations for any of these speculations, but we won’t have to wait too long to find if any of this is true as Sony will be holding its Playstation 5 event, but have yet to announce the next date after it was postponed. What are you hoping they will be revealing during the online event? Let us know in the comments below.

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