Rumour: Bloodborne PS5 & PC Rumours Remerge as New Claims of A ‘Hunter Edition’ Arise

Rumour: Bloodborne PS5 & PC Rumours Remerge as New Claims of A ‘Hunter Edition’ Arise

A new claim has arisen for Bloodborne coming to PS5 now with the “Hunter Edition”.

Rumour: Bloodborne PS5 & PC Rumours Remerge as New Claims of A ‘Hunter Edition’ Arise

New claims to the rumour that Bloodborne could be coming to PS5 have been made. Previous rumours began to spread that a Bloodborne remaster called ‘Endless Nocturne’ was in the works. Now a new rumour claims that a ‘Hunter Edition’ will be coming not just to PS5 but to PC as well.

Bloodborne coming to PC is not a new rumour, as there have been claims that a version of the game could be happening. Previously it was rumoured that both Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls would be getting a remaster, half of which got confirmed with the release of the Demon’s Souls remaster by Bluepoint launching on PS5 as an exclusive.

This latest rumour comes from a supposed leak from a 4chan user who goes by the name of Demonite, which is a group of leakers. It’s hard to say whether this is indeed the real Demonite, but if it is, there may be some backbone to this rumour, as previously Demonite leaked the original Bloodborne release for PS4.

Bloodborne PS5/PC Rumoured Content

The leak also comes with some interesting details, Demonite claims that the Hunters Edition for Bloodborne will come to both PS5 and PC. Other details include no new levels, but Cainhurst Castle and Cathedral Ward will be expanded upon. There will also be three new right-handed weapons and three new left-handed weapons:

Bloodborne Rumoured New Weapons

3 New Right Hand Weapons:

  • Cainhurst flail
  • Coldblood Coil (a coil of flowing blood that covers your arm and greatly enhances your fist damage, transforms to a long-range whip)
  • Kos Placenta (the placenta that the Orphan of Kos uses in his fight, although don’t expect the same moveset as the boss)

3 New Left Hand Weapons:

  • Cosmic Revolver (a pistol that scales highly with arcane)
  • Impact Rifle (a double barrel shotgun that has very weak reach but does very high damage at point-blank range, recovers slowly between shots and each shot takes up 2 silver bullets)
  • Great One’s Touch (a red tentacle that can be swung around to stun enemies and parry them)

Bloodborne PS5/PC Rumoured Release Dates

But according to the post, the PC version won’t be coming at the same time as the PS5 version. The PC version of Bloodborne will arrive 6 – 12 months after the launch of PS5 version. As for the release date, the target is January to Early February.

Bloodborne PS5/PC Rumoured Pricing

There even seems to be details for pricing, with Demonite sharing it will cost existing Bloodborne owners $20 USD to upgrade their base game, $10 if they already own the base game and DLC, and there will be a free upgrade for owners of the GOTY edition. This doesn’t seem to out of the ordinary, as some games have gotten upgrades on PS5 if you own the PS4 version, however, these have been newer games.

Bloodborne PS5/PC Rumoured Features

The post also mentions what you’d expect from a PS5 upgrade, better loading times for PS5, and re-mapping controls. But also improvements are mention such as being able to warp from area to area without having to visit the dream. The PC version is specified to be capped at 60 FPS.

There are also details regarding different modes. The PS5 version will have two performance modes:

  • Quality Mode = 30 FPS at native 4K with ray traced shadows
  • Performance Mode = 60 FPS at 1440p upscaled to 4K with lower quality ray traced shadows

New weapons wouldn’t be out of the question either for a remaster, as Demon’s Souls also came with a new weapon with its release on PS5 the Reaper Scythe, which was part of the pre-order bonus.

As with all rumours takes this with a pinch of salt as there is confirmation from official sources. What do you think of this rumour? Let us know in the comments below.

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