Rumor: Dark Souls 3 Running on Switch, Potential Trilogy Re-Release

Rumor: Dark Souls 3 Running on Switch, Potential Trilogy Re-Release

We don’t normally cover rumors on the site, because of difficulty of determining accuracy of sources but this is something potentially big for Dark Souls fans. Take this with an EXTREME grain of salt however.

The author of the article has connections to Switch sources and shared the following image on Twitter:


We already know that From Software is a registered partner with the new console. Could this be what they are planning ?


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34 comments on “Rumor: Dark Souls 3 Running on Switch, Potential Trilogy Re-Release”

  1. Avatar announakis says:

    well this would be a smart move and send a strong message to the gaming crowd out there, that the ghettoïsation of nintendo is over…
    but then again, what makes sense and strategic choices for Nintendo are not always in agreement…

  2. Chaosmaker says:

    Considering the abysmal failure of the Wii-U, and the enormous success of the PS4, and even Xbox One to a lesser extent, I’m not sure why From would place their eggs in that basket? The only way I see this happening is if Nintendo pays From Software a lot of money. We’re talking about a pretty limited gaming demographic here. The demographic that owns Nintendo consoles exclusively. They’re a casual gaming market. Anyone who owns multiple systems would prefer to play on PS4 or Xbox. Just because there would be a larger community on those systems.

    A lot of 3rd party developers took a risk and put games on the Wii-U and ended up getting burned. From a corporate/profits angle, releasing games on Nintendo systems isn’t worth the risk. Especially when there are safer, more profitable systems to release games on. The only way Nintendo changes this is if they pay up, and those companies make a profit regardless of the game sales. And since Nintendo is under new leadership, maybe this is the route they’re going?

  3. Avatar TSMP says:

    Assuming their unnamed source is real, this could also be something else. Getting Dark Souls 3 to run satisfactorily on the Switch could have been a test to see if Fromsoft’s engine works on the system, which would allow them to create games for Nintendo faster than if they had to do it from scratch. Rather than being evidence for the Dark Souls trilogy finding its way to the Switch, this could be evidence for a future From Software game being released for Nintendo (which we already knew), and that the future game would be a kind of Souls (which we didn’t, but can be inferred from the engine working at all).

  4. Avatar Daos_Strange says:

    I would by a Dark Souls Trilogy in a heartbeat if it came out on the Switch. In fact, confirmation of this rumor would guarantee my purchase of a Switch. I’m already a huge Mario and Zelda fan, so a Switch is probably in my future at some point, but highly portable versions of Dark Souls games would be incredible.

  5. Avatar Emergence says:

    I think this actually makes sense. The Switch is poised to really shock some people if it can deliver on horsepower enough to power games on current gen consoles. Mixing AAA 3rd Party with their typically stellar first party Nintendo titles PLUS a portability factor as well as a return to local multiplayer could make a big splash, not to mention any surprises the Nvidia guts still have in store.

    If that’s the case, and it moves a ton of units, devs and publishers are looking at millions of new customers who haven’t been in their present ecosystems. I know it sounds shocking but there are millions of gamers who haven’t played any of the Souls series, and serving that market through Nintendo would be a boon for the company. There may be plenty of Nintendo die hards who would consider themselves hard core gamers, and only own a Nintendo console who would be all over a Dark Souls release, as well as families without a console at present who may be looking at the Switch as a please all in the house option.

    Anecdotally I have 2 close friends who fit into both, one a Nintendo diehard who wants to play more AAA 3rd party games and a couple who don’t own a console but want to get something that would make sense for their very young children and themselves at the same time. Both households are pretty enthusiastic about the Switch as a result. Perhaps that’s a significant enough demographic to make this thing go.

  6. LacSlyer says:

    Let’s be realistic. An as powerful mobile system isn’t going to happen. We may not know the details, but the size of it and the price are more than enough information to conclude that it’ll be lucky to be as powerful as the normal PS4, let alone the PS4 Pro. The driving force of the Switch is its portability, and its downside will definitely be the fact that it won’t be as powerful as other current systems. Whether devs take advantage of that or not we’ll see, but if the system isn’t powerful enough to run games optimally without considerable development work then it won’t get anywhere.

    The fact of the matter is, when developers have the options of PC and consoles that have sold tens of millions of units, they’ll gladly take that over yet another Nintendo gimmick whose game development will fizzle out after a year.

  7. Avatar Agurzil says:

    Well, there isn’t that much of a gimmick to the Nintendo switch. You can make it portable, uuhuh, but that’s it. I could imagine running a version of DS1 with half the resolution on a specialised mobile platform, that should, should, be manageable even though battery life really makes me wonder.

    I think Nintendo is trying to market their new console towards the older generation of gamers, who’ve grown to have kids of their own. Combine 2 very segregated types of gamers (very young and mature adult) into one family friendly platform, leave the main market of young adults to be fought over by the 2 big players Sony and Microsoft. It makes sense to me. If they provide parent-child friendly games, they could create a very interesting niche and prosper within it.

  8. LacSlyer says:

    My point was that Nintendo hasn’t released a console in the past 10 years without a gimmick instead of strictly relying on providing a console that can actually compete with the other two leaders. This is part of why their sales has suffered, among other things, because the gimmicks seem cool at first but then are overlooked by developers who don’t care about them.

    Sony and Microsoft will be glad to let Nintendo not tap into the market of gamers that they have because that’s the vast majority of the market, which is much older than you’d think actually. The average gamer is 31, yet still buying Madden, Assassin’s Creed, and COD every year. Those are franchises the other two consoles focus on supporting because it makes them financially stable, and Nintendo either ignoring or overlooking this is half of their problem.

  9. Avatar Emergence says:

    Actually the majority of the gaming market are gamers who would be labeled casual, those who prefer mobile, user friendly or family friendly experiences. When Nintendo captivates them with a message they have shown they can dominate the console industry in sales.

    Lifetime sales units:

    Wii: 101.63 Milion
    Xbox 360: 84 Million
    PS3: 83.8 Million

    And that was with poor developer software support for AAA titles. I promise you that both Microsoft and Sony are paying attention to the Switch, especially if they can approximate enough power to run AAA titles. That’s the thing. The Switch won’t even have to run these games at 4K. If they can get these same experiences on the Swith, even at a lower graphics quality, they’ll be able to start tapping into those "core" demographics that Sony and MS are fighting over.

  10. Avatar TSMP says:

    Let’s be fair, here. Nintendo’s previous gimmicks were all interface-related, which did weird things to the gameplay and made it harder to run normal games from other platforms on it. This time, however, the "gimmick" is that you can put the console in your backpack and play it during your lunch break. Functionally speaking, it’d be a gaming laptop, but with a way smaller library and a whole lot of exclusives like Smash Bros, Pokemon, and Zelda.

  11. LacSlyer says:

    I mentioned people buying Madden, AC and COD because they are casual players that reliably buy those titles every year. Didn’t imply at all that they weren’t. And you’re right about the Wii’s sales, but then look at the Wii U, which has done so poorly that they’re basically abandoning it now. Due to several reasons, but my point about selling to the mass market is that focusing on being able to provide those games to gamers on your console makes that console profitable. I can concede that the gimmick of the Wii with its motion controls was a big selling point, but the Wii U’s gimmick didn’t do anything for them.

    Yes, I agree the "gimmick" is much less intrusive to developers than previous ones. However, as I mentioned before, the obvious issue they’ll have is the power. They just confirmed that all the hardware processing for the Switch is in the device itself, the base adds nothing, so that’s a severely limited amount of space to provide power for processing video games. And that’s overlooking the fact that the PS4 Pro is now out, with more power, and the Scorpio is due next year with even more power. So yet again the Nintendo console will be behind other consoles in power, and therefor likely not get good triple-A game development. Because even if it can run games at a lower setting that the other consoles you have to realize that’s extra work the developers have to put into game in order to provide it on another console. If the console sells well it’s worth it, but otherwise they’ll not even consider it because it’s not worth their time.

    I’m just not buying into all the hype because it’s a little too good to be true. A $250 portable console playing triple-A games at a decent graphics settings isn’t feasible right now. Especially when you’ve got comparable devices from Razer and Nvidia that are twice as much. Something’s just not adding up here.

  12. Chaosmaker says:

    The Wii only sold that many units because of all the soccer moms who bought the system for stuff like Wii-fit.

    Nintendo abandoned core gamers for casuals, and reaped the benefits for it from one gen, and payed for it dearly in the next. Because the soccer moms who bought the Wii for Wii-Fit didn’t see a need to upgrade to the new system. Even my grandmother has a Wii system sitting in the closet collecting dust.

    And now with the advent of mobile gaming, casuals are going to play candy crush on their phones instead of buying a new system. What happened with the Wii isn’t gonna happen again for Nintendo. Competition in the home console market is as steep as it’s ever been.

    Nintendo does have the hand held gaming market locked up pretty tight, and I don’t even see why they’re trying to compete in the console market.

  13. Chaosmaker says:

    Most adults wouldn’t want to be caught dead playing a Nintendo Switch in public. And for people who like portable gaming, without any stigma attached to it, they can just play something on their phones during lunch break. And nobody would give you a second look. The appeal for a system like this is greatly overstated. It might be an impasse that sets a precedence for this type of system. Meaning in order to be successful you need to do one thing or the other really well to be successful, and not try to be mediocre at both.

    Nintendo had the right idea with the Gamecube, but their problem was that they burned too many bridges in the previous gen with 3rd party developers, and they all went to Sony. And Sony reaped the benefits of it. If they were to come out with a competitively spec’d system loaded with features that core gamers (not casuals) want, and lure 3rd party developers back in then they might become a contender again.

    You also have another problem for Nintendo. Recent trends are that most 10-11 year old boys would rather play the FPS games that their dad is playing. Which means, even they want PS4s and Xbox One systems. All the "cool kids" that age group are playing COD, and peer pressure dictates that and sells systems. It was like that when I grew up too, even back in the 8-16 bit era. We wanted to play Contra, Shinobi, Splatterhouse, Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat, etc, and games like Super Mario were seen as being for their little sisters. I don’t think that has changed much, just the games in question. 10-11 year old boys still want to play those types of games.

  14. Avatar Agurzil says:

    I remember seeing an idea project of a Nintendo Smartphone with slideable game controllers. If they’d ever make something like that and created gameboy-styled games for it, I’d probably discard my smartphone and my tablet at once. Because, be honest, touchscreen games are crap, the controls are never as good as a good ol’ controll cross + ab buttons.

    Personally, I’d welcome it, if Nintendo would close it’s console developement, and would instead concentrate on bringing out games and controllers for other consoles. I do not know how much money the make from console sales compared to game sales though…

  15. Chaosmaker says:

    Nintendo branching out into smart phones for their next mobile system would be a very smart move. Something with features that are traditional to their successful hand held systems + being a phone on top of that might be one of their most successful products ever. You’d even have phone companies offering to give them away for signing a contract, etc. Just like they do with new Iphones.

  16. Avatar ElvesRule says:

    I don’t need to buy the Trilogy again, but would buy a remastered PS4 version of Demon’s and Dark Souls. New trophies!

    I might buy the next Nintendo anyway. Because Zelda.

  17. Avatar Slarg232 says:

    Honestly, as long as it’s not another console exclusive (Looking at you, Demons’ Souls and Bloodborne) I’m ok with whatever they do.

    Bloodborne is as close as I’ve gotten, but I am just *not* willing to buy an entire console for one game.

  18. Avatar TSMP says:

    You misunderstand me. Saying "let’s be fair" isn’t the same as saying "this is what I think and you should, too". I can be fair without agreeing with something, and what I’m saying is the Switch’s gimmick makes it more comparable to a gaming laptop than a home console, and compared to laptops the only advantages it has are its exclusives. Comparing it to home consoles is unfair, since it doesn’t occupy the same niche. Like a gaming laptop, the Switch can fit in a bag, has all its functionality within itself, and has less power than a home console but a hell of a lot more than a portable gaming device. It’s also a hell of a lot cheaper, but in the end a console is only worth its library.

    Anyone who worries about other people’s opinions of their hobbies is not an adult. They’re a child who never grew up, but desperately tries to convince everyone else they did. For example, remember that Pokemon is a franchise aimed at 12-year-old kids, and doesn’t pretend to be anything else. It also has a huge popularity outside that age range (especially in universities, for whatever obscure reason), to the point that Pokemon Go basically took over the world on release. I now get funny looks from people when I have to tell them that I don’t play it, even though I do play the main series.

  19. Avatar Nescient says:

    Is it more work to downscale than HD remaster?

    thing about getting liscenced with nintendo is it grants access to virgin waters to those AAA devs. Graphically upscaled rerelease has to compete with its peers in the sony/microsoft market. Granted a lot of wii’s are owned by grandmothers (one of mine enjoys tennis…), a lot of them are owned by kids. DS3 is pretty tame imo compared to its predecessors, ideal for 10-11 yo edgelings and less offensive to some parents… zelda would be the gateway series… it’d make a lot of cents.

  20. Avatar TrustySkeleton says:

    I don’t know if someone talked about this, but how awesome would it be to have a way to play DS3 LAN using the switch?
    I know this is just wishful thinking, but being able to play coop or duel with some friends without the need for internet connection would be really cool!

    That being said, the switch looks like a good console and the developers seem to be loving using it so I’m hyped!

  21. Avatar theotherMittens says:

    In what way is DS3 "tame" compared to DS1 and DS2?

  22. Avatar Scar85 says:

    May DS 1 polished yeah for ps4…but 2nd 3rd rebuy im nooope’ing it :X
    also kinda think from will pay for it and not making money out of it :X
    As in the past 3rd party studios never run good with games on nintendo consoles – just watch the wiiU thing that was going down…Thats at least my thoughts/critic on it…
    Know a bunch of people that are not hyped for the switch or even after the wiiU (me included) besides i think that the nintendo-only users are too small to make profit out of a few sales and most consoleros have not just the wiiU or later the switch which makes it not neccessary to buy it for switch…
    And less players means not really good jolly-coop for the one side / good working invasions on the other which will result in a pain in the a… to get covs done :X

  23. Avatar Nescient says:


  24. Avatar theotherMittens says:


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