Rumor: Dark Souls 2 to have in-game Chat?

Rumor: Dark Souls 2 to have in-game Chat?

It has come to our attention that certain stipulations on Dark Souls 2 Beta EULA make it apparent the game will feature some sort of chat. This would be a big change for the series, so we are skeptical


 Dark Souls 2 Beta EULA

 Dark Souls 2 Beta EULA

It is worth nothing that EULAs often have general clauses that are not applicable to specific games as they are mass-produced and then fine tuned with specific options. Either way, new specific additions to the User Agreement will be welcomed by the community, as it is now ban worthy to:

  • Mod
  • Exploit
  • Grief
  • Disconnect or lose on purpose to boost someone else’s stats.


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23 comments on “Rumor: Dark Souls 2 to have in-game Chat?”

  1. Sneezer says:

    It looks like the last part alludes to some sort of arena type thing, like in the Dark Souls DLC. “Or allowing yourself to be defeated by a given player repeatedly to help boost their rankings or win counts.”

  2. -X- says:

    If it does have some type of chat, I’d only use it with people I already know pretty well. The in-game gestures werealways more than enough for me.

  3. From the pictures it looks like that’s solely From’s document and not Sony’s so I think that’s telling in that it’s specific to the game. Meaning, whoever wrote it had in mind how the game is actually going to work. Personally, I think there’s too many other possibilities of what this means to worry about an in game chat function. The wording suggests only text chat/messaging which is already a thing on all platforms I believe (I know it is on PS3 since I used to send people messages for pranks and whatnot). Currently it’s just a console thing not an in game thing but it is how the game is currently played online. With all the other VERY specific language in there it just seems like they’re covering all bases to say “don’t be an asshole.” Look at some of the other things they’ve included and it’s clear they have listened to their fan base and are aware of how the game has evolved. For instance, disconnecting is a violation of the agreement, as is allowing yourself to be killed repeatedly to help someone level. It feels like they’re just making an “anti-griefer” policy since the servers are theirs and they should be able to police them to enhance the game. It might be interesting to compare this EULA to the Demon’s Souls one and see what language if any is similar or different.

  4. Ahhotep1 says:

    A comparison of EULA’s would be interesting. And, I agree with Skare. It sounded more like they were covering chat texting aspects.
    An attempt at controlling or policing griefing? Hmmm, During the Beta…ok. After game release? One would hope that it can and will be an effective policy. We’ll see…

  5. Fex says:

    It is certainly about chat texting, but it cannot be PSN chat since that falls outside of From’s and Namco’s jurisdiction – thus why the thought that there may be an in game typechat option. I personally would not enjoy that as it would take away from the necessity to find other ways to communicate.

    1. Gonna have to disagree a little here. I definitely can be the PSN chat (although it very well may not be). An EULA can have any clause the writer wants with varying degrees of legal authority. If they add that you should wear bunny slippers while playing that’s up to them, just good luck enforcing it. While in this case it’s less ludicrous of a request they can make a request that you refrain from using Sony’s hardware in “x” manner. If it were to be contested there is a chance that Sony sides with the player, not From. Basically, just because it’s in there, doesn’t mean it’s valid.
      Now, I’m more versed in criminal law than civil but I actually think From has enough interest vested in this that it might be a valid clause to begin with. Similar to how a renter in an apartment has an interest in the property and can contest a landlord or property owner from making modifications that would be detrimental to their current use. While From wouldn’t have an interest in someone harassing another person in Killzone or Halo they do have an interest in how the PSN chat is used as it relates to their game. Essentially, the way the game is setup, there would be no online interaction with person “a” if it hadn’t have been for the game. Therefore, any chat that occurs between parties following a chance meeting (which is the bread and butter of Souls online) might be able to be legally considered an extension of the game, despite it using a Sony feature.
      There’s also the idea of joint liability, similar to some residential requirements needing a fence for pools to be installed. From has given us a game and a play area (software and servers) in which online interaction is heavily emphasized. As such, there could be liability to what they allow to occur. Just like an apartment again, my landlord may not care if I install a pool or trampoline on the property but without appropriate protective measures we’re both liable for any damages that result.
      There’s also the possibility that Sony is in full support of this and has transferred authority if that’s even necessary.

      1. Fex says:

        That would require Sony to let Namco not only monitor and see but also regulate your PSN communications outside of the game – knowing Sony policies this is highly unlikely, almost impossible due to local privacy ordinances varying in several jurisdictions under which Sony operates. It would also be impossible to prove the messages were sent from someone playing the game at the time or in relation to the game unless Sony further opens up their database to a third party, which is of course not a consideration they have ever extended any developer, not even first party ones.

        The most likely scenario is that the EULA is simply copied and pasted from other products and this line is simply not applicable, but either way it is noteworthy as speculation fodder! 😛

        1. Lol, yeah. That is very likely actually. But to continue a very fun debate it doesn’t have to mean any of that. It could just mean that if someone comes to Sony and says “this guy harassed me playing Dark Souls II” that they’ve established a system to do something about it (not that I assume it’d be an effective thing, just a nice concept someone came up with).

          Side note: the next time anyone challenges our “Nerd Cards” we can just point them to this topic where we’re dissecting such a tiny piece of info to the molecular if not atomic level. I’d say we need a hobby but it’s pretty obvious we already have one 😉

  6. the feist says:

    I wish they’d incorporate a way to make custom gestures. Kinda like how you can customize soapstone messages. Like combine a “point down” and “pray” or something. I dunno…

    1. If you’re quick on the draw controller wise you sorta can do that. I know it’s not what you mean but it can be pretty sweet. During an event dedicated to pranking (that didn’t have a whole lot of participation) I made a victory dance routine from the gestures available. Forgive the crappy cell phone recording quality

      1. Fex says:

        That’s an amazing dance! Also for the beta footage it seems gestures are slightly more fluid now so you could make several dances 😛

        1. And just like that my priorities for tonight have shifted

        2. It’s sadly not possible Dark Souls II. The gestures can’t be interrupted by another gesture

  7. eminusx says:

    awwwwww man, thats exactly how i dance!


  8. eminusx says:

    anyways. . . back to the thread. . .I cant see in game chat happening myself, just reading an interview with Tanimura in Eurogamer, hither:

    . . . and the guy seems, thankfully, pretty keen to keep the lore in tact, hidden away, so it would seem kinda silly for him to open up the atmosphere so blatantly by introducing in-game chat. . . just dont think it would happen after expending so much effort to keep the tense atmosphere.

  9. Rooke says:

    After playing the beta yesterday. I can say that i didn’t see a chat anywhere. I doubt its an in game chat like the rumor says. But until we have the finished product we don’t know 😛

  10. Diamondace22 says:

    Looks like Jolly Co-operation will turn into Jolly Communication. Sounds good but it could just come in the sense of orange soap stones being able to be customized.

  11. Superdude100001 says:

    I kind of see this as a bad thing. I always saw the complete absense of chat as a nice, easy way to filter out people’s bull. I like the change, but im wary of this.

  12. nufftalon says:

    I think full online would be awesome without having to rely on items to go online with out players. I think teams would be cool as well. Phantoms VS Humans or whatever.

  13. Fexelea says:

    Well this turned out to be true! In game voice has been confirmed. Unpraise the sun.

    1. Lol, yeah. Good catch on your part. Hopefully this will be the only addition we discover that I’m lukewarm on.

    2. Emergence says:

      I owe you forum rep for that comment. /0\

  14. Back Lot Basher says:

    Something like this is an obvious step toward garnering more mass appeal, which is fine with me. I don’t begrudge any company the right to streamline their game for these reasons, as long as the core experience remains the same. Having played a lot on Xbox, I’ve already made ample use of private chat with friends while playing, so I’d be a hypocrite to say I don’t like this idea. But I do think being able to toggle it on or off is a wise move. If I’m playing in random coop, I’d rather be able to avoid chatting with strangers.

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