RPG News Weekly Round Up – September 24th, 2017

Happy weekend from Fextralife! If you’ve been too busy to keep up on the latest in the games we cover or are looking for a refresher, we’ve got your back. Let’s take a look at the comings and goings across the Fextralife Wiki Network. Check out the video above and read on for the text!


With the 2017 Tokyo Game Show in full swing, we were fortunate to have the opportunity to interview Bandai Namco’s Code Vein  producer ‘Keita Iizuka’ and director ‘Hiroshi Yoshimura’, during a special presentation just before TGS 2017. You can read all about on the blog as we answer many of the questions you may have had about this anime-souls title!

Furthermore, not only did we get to interview Code Vein  developers, but we were also treated to an hour-long hands-on session, with unbelievable footage captured. We also learned many things about Code Vein that we didn’t know before the game show.

All-in-all Code Vein is shaping up to feel much like a combination of Anime, Souls and Bloodborne with some wrinkles. Combat is fast and tight, and besides a few camera-related bugs here and there, it just feels right. It’s got that sort of combat that makes you want to keep playing and you learn from your mistakes. It certainly has a learning curve, and even as a Soulsborne veteran I had a hard time getting used to some of the new concepts, that I have no doubt will become second nature to many of us would be Code Vein players. All this game really needs in my opinion is some polish and multiplayer and it will certainly keep players occupied for months. I look forward to seeing more from this title really soon.


Monster Hunter: World

Capcom officially revealed the release date and pre-order details of their much anticipated Monster Hunter: World  live during Sony’s annual PlayStation Press Conference, ahead of TGS 2017. Players can select from three editions: Standard, a limited Deluxe and a monstrous Collector’s edition.

Alongside the announcement, a new trailer for the game was released featuring new monsters like the Pukei-Pukei and Nergigante, new locations like Coral Highlands and Astera, which is the base of operations the Research Commission uses, as well as a new piece of gear, the Glider mantle. You can check out all of that, in our article!

Furthermore, Capcom, unveiled beautiful images, that are ready for you on the blog, of their limited “Liolaeus Edition” PlayStation 4 Pro bundle launching in Japan. Which comes with a code for a digital copy of Monster Hunter: World  and other goodies. So far, there’s no word on a global release. Here’s hoping that changes soon!

And finally, we had an amazing capture opportunity for Monster Hunter World at TGS 2017, which you can watch on our YouTube channel or in the article. It features some multiplayer action vs Barroth for the quest “Wildspire Rampage“. Set in the Wildspire Waste, the quest takes you through quite a large trek to find your target monster, and we made sure to pick up plenty of goodies on the way. A full list of them will be available on the Monster Hunter World Wiki.


Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix unveiled the release details and a new trailer for the upcoming online multiplayer expansion to their JRPG, Final Fantasy XV,  titled “Comrades”, which will be launching this October 31st. A bit of warning for those who have not completed or even played the game, as the trailer’s footage is set after Chapter 13 in the game’s main story-line, meaning there will spoilers. But, if you have played it or you’re just a brave soul, you can go ahead and watch it in the blog since it also includes a new track from composer Nobuo Uematsu titled Choosing Hope.

In other Final Fantasy news, Square Enix officially announced a PlayStation 4 version of the fan classic, Final Fantasy IX, that you can grab right now, on the PlayStation Store! This PlayStation 4 version of the game will include goodies such as HD Cutscene Footage, a custom PS4 theme, in-game boosters and much more, which you can read in the article!

ffxv-final fantasy-15-xv-online-multiplayer-expansion-comrades-ps4-xbox-one-release-date-trailer

Shadow of the Colossus

Another title landing on the PlayStation 4, is the remake of the PlayStation 2 classic, Shadow of the Colossus. A trailer from the 2017 Tokyo Game Show showcases the gameplay captured from the PlayStation 4 Pro running beautifully on the console, that you can view at the blog.

President of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Shuhei Yoshida  promised fans that Shadow of the Colossus  on PlayStation 4 will be a full remake. While the game will be the same as it was on the original PS2 version, assets from the PS3 remaster won’t used as it will all be completely remade for the PS4.

As for who’ll be handling such a task? Developer Bluepoint Games. Who are  known for their PS3 remaster of Shadow of the Colossus as well as the God of War Collection  and the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection  both on the PS3.


The Elder Scrolls Online

Announced on their official Twitter account, The Elder Scrolls Online upcoming Update 16 and Clockwork City DLC went live on PTS this past week.  This latest update features the much anticipated ‘Transmutation’ System, allowing players to change the Traits of their equipment in the game. You can check out the full details of changes and additions made in this upcoming update that is readily available in The Elder Scrolls Online wiki.



Developer Sloclap launch the latest patch, 1.06 for their online martial arts focused action-RPG, Absolver. The latest update introduces gameplay balances, further improvements to online stability, as well as resolving issues with items and audio that players have had trouble with since the game’s launch. Sloclap has included six new masks as part of the latest update for Absolver, and the new masks are inspired from various titles from publisher Devolver Digital such as Hotline Miami  and Shadow Warrior 2  among others. Check out the trailer, titled “Devolver Masks” showcasing the new gear in action in our article. You can read other changes made in this new update at the Absolver wiki.


Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet’s new expansion Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire  is out now and has been live since 9:00 am PST on September 22nd. The developer released a launch trailer for the game prior, that was part of their Countdown party in celebration the expansion’s release. This is the largest content update ArenaNet has put out since their Heart of Thorns  expansion back in 2015. In Path of Fire, there will be an entirely new area, profession specializations, mounts (raptors!), plenty of new loot and much more! You can check out the epic launch trailer of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire on the blog.


Divinity: Original Sin 2

Developer, Larian Studios unveiled over the week that their Isometric CRPG, Divinity: Original Sin 2 was approaching 500,000 copies sold. In comparison, the original game took a few months to reach this number. Since its release, Divinity: Original Sin 2  has seen massive success and widespread praise from both new and returning players. You can check out our review on the Blog or on our YouTube Channel.

In other Divinity: Original Sin 2  news, the developer revealed on their Twitter that a hotfix dubbed “Hotfix”, was released to resolve issues some players have been experiencing with when loading up their saves. If you’re interested in picking up Divinity: Original Sin 2which we highly recommend, you can check out our starting guide to help you get past the game’s initial learning curve without frustration. You can read the full list of patch notes on the Blog, and always know that the Divinity: Original Sin 2  wiki is here for you.



There’s a new Bloodborne  ‘Hunter’ figurine that is now available for pre-order. It depicts a fully posable Male ‘Hunter’ character from Bloodborne complete with the Hunter Blunderbuss and a fully extendable Saw Cleaver. This item can only be acquired through pre-order for a limited time up until 17th October 2017, after which they’ll be gone for good. There’s a standard version for $70 and an Exclusive edition for $115. Do take note that the only difference is that the ‘Exclusive’ editions comes with an extra ‘Messengers figurine’. There are awesome images of the new figure and links to where you can place your pre-orders in our article on the blog.


That’s a wrap for the Week in Wikis, we’re looking forward to another great week of gaming fun! Don’t forget to check out our VIP program for some exclusive supporter benefits, and budding writers should take advantage of our Become an Author initiative! Thanks for a great week and as always, keep checking in with us for newsreviewsYouTube streams and vids, and general wiki goodness!

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