RPG News Weekly Round Up – November 19th, 2017

Happy weekend from Fextralife! If you’ve been too busy to keep up on the latest in the games we cover or are looking for a refresher, we’ve got your back. Let’s take a look at the comings and goings across the Fextralife Wiki Network. Check out the video above and read on for the text!

Pillars of Eternity 2

Over the past week, Obsidian Entertainment brought their Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire  Beta live for their backers to try out. The Beta dropped players on Tikawara, an archipelago village, along with a party of “stand-in” companions to avoid character story spoilers.

At the same time, the Definitive Edition of the original game was made available. Furthermore, the developer went on to Twitter and teased a new game on the way. You can check out the stories as well as the new trailer right here on the blog.

Monster Hunter: World

Capcom released a flurry of new details and screenshots on some of the features we know are coming to their much-anticipated Monster Hunter: World  action-RPG. Expanding on their version of Guilds called “Squads” where up to 50 hunters can join, the ‘Training Room’ and revealing their ‘Social hub’.

We also get to learn that new items and gear are on the way. And for pet lovers, there’s some good news as capturing certain creatures can net you a pet. You can learn how all of this works and more right here on the blog.


The Witcher

The developers of the highly regarded The Witcher  franchise, CD Projekt RED, may return to its universe someday. This bit of news was revealed by its CEO Adam Kiciński, in a talk with a Polish website. The CD Projekt CEO, along with the entire studio, are fully aware of the fervent need for another installment, and also knows that the fans “won’t forgive them”  if they just abandon their IP. You can read the full interview in the article on the blog.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Zenimax Online Studios is celebrating the two-year anniversary of the Orisinium  DLC, which was released back in 2015 for The Elder Scrolls Online  MMORPG. To commemorate this milestone, the studio is hosting an event that nets players huge rewards in Wrothgar along with pricing the Orsinium  DLC at a steal of a price (75% off). This anniversary event is underway and players can take part to get double drops from crafting nodes, as well as double rewards from the daily Quests there. Check out all the details on the Blog!


A.I.R. (Ascent: Infinite Realm)

Bluehole Studio, the developer behind the insanely popular PUBG  (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) multiplayer game, announced a new game called A.I.R.,  or Ascent: Infinite Realm, that’s described as a “groundbreaking new MMORPG”. A.I.R. is set in a world that’s a blend between the steampunk and high fantasy genres and will be published by Kakao Games, who also published TERA Online  and Black Desert Online.  There’s a feature packed gameplay trailer that you can watch over on the blog if you’d like to see more.


Seven: The Days Long Gone

In more gameplay footage, the upcoming isometric-RPG, Seven: The Days Long Gone, has a new video that showcases character movement and map traversal from the game. The title introduces stealth elements into the isometric-RPG genre and sees players climb, sneak and traverse their way through the Empire of Vetrall. Also this past week, Seven’s developers revealed that their game has gone gold and celebrated by announcing the launch date for Seven, (December 1st) which you can have a look at, on the blog.


The Game Awards 2017

Voting for The Game Awards 2017 is now open. Its host, Geoff Keighley, kicked things off and unveiled the numerous nominations that represented the various facets of gaming, all of which were all derived from 51 media outlets. And included best games in their genres, best multiplayer games, best audio design and much more.

This years The Game Awards event is a special one as it’ll feature the new ‘Orchestra’ segment, where an all-star of musical talent will play music of some of gaming’s most well-known tunes. You can check out the list of nominations and details of the upcoming event right here on the blog. P.S. we’d like to take this moment to remind you that Dark Souls II was announced at the Gaming Awards…


Final Fantasy

Square Enix has finally rolled out their much-anticipated “Comrades” multiplayer add-on for the Final Fantasy XV  JRPG. Players can now purchase the online expansion from their respective online storefronts for their PlayStation 4  or Xbox One consoles. While Season Pass holders can download the latest DLC for free. The download also comes with a free update that adds new cooking recipes and more, which you can learn about right here.

Also, a surprising announcement from Bandai Namco stating that FFXV‘s  Noctis, will be the latest character to join the ranks of fighters in their Tekken 7  fighting game. Noctis will be bringing along his Engine Blade and Armiger, and will enter the ring as DLC. You can check that out and his awesome debut trailer, which is also on the website.


Black Friday

It’s that time of the year again, Black Friday. And both Sony and Microsoft have revealed their deals for this year. With Microsoft offering impressive deals like an Xbox One S bundle for just $189 and more! And not be outdone, Sony has also dropped the prices on its PlayStation 4 Slim and PS VR systems for a steal. There other offers comprise of a variety of system bundles, discounts on video games, accessories as well as subscription services and more. You can plan your splurge by heading over to the blog for a comprehensive list.


Super Daryl Deluxe

Did you enjoy high school? Yes? No? Either way, you can now relive your awkward teenage years with Dan & Gary Games’ upcoming, Super Daryl Deluxea high school-themed “RPGvania” title. This Metroidvania indie game features large suite of skills, which can upgraded, as well as hundreds of characters to meet and a number quests to engage in. Also, Super Daryl Deluxe  sports a hand-drawn art style that’s reminiscent of a 90s cartoon. You can check out this wacky game and its trailer on the site.


Left-Hand Path

And for our final news, the Dark Souls  and horror inspired VR game, Left-Hand Path,  is now available for purchase. The game was developed by Strange Company and bestows upon players, the power to wield magic! Yes! They’ll learn Arcane Gestures and cast powerful spells, as well as traverse mysterious realms and face challenging adversaries. Since its release, Left-Hand Path  has been praised for its gameplay, challenge and immersion. You read up more on this VR game right here on the blog.


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