Rockstar To Rebalance Red Dead Online Economy

Rockstar To Rebalance Red Dead Online Economy

Red Dead Redempton 2’s online mode Red Dead Online  beta recently had some feedback from the players in the community concerning the cost of items in-game causing the economy to be unbalanced.

Rockstar To Rebalance Red Dead Online Economy

A good example of the disparity between item worth is the cost of baked beans versus gold rings, somehow the price for baked beans is more valuable than gold rings which led to players to speak up about the in-game issues.

In a recent tweet by Rockstar they address some of the economy problems as well as the bugs that currently exist in the beta, they also urge players to continue to give feedback using their support page, which was set up at the beginning of the beta:

Red Dead Online is currently in beta and is available on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. You visit our Red Dead Redemption 2 wiki for all your outlaw needs.

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