Ring of Shadow Guide: The Tower of Orthanc Raid

Ring of Shadow Guide: The Tower of Orthanc Raid

Last updated on July 24th, 2017

A detailed guide on how to clear the Ring of Shadow wing of the Tower of Orthanc Raid in Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO). This guide was written when the content was endgame so it assumes players are on level with the raid – it may be easier as years progresses and classes change, but at the time this was a fantastic test of coordination, dps and teamwork. Certainly one of the most satisfying raids to ever grace LOTRO.

LOTRO Ring of Shadow Raid Guide


Ring of Shadow in the Tower of Orthanc Raid – Lotro


Ring of Shadow Tier I Guide

Trash pull 1

  • Mobs: 2x Defiler, 2 x Warrior, 2 x Leader
  • Kill Order: Defiler > Warrior > Leader
  • CC adaptation: Leaders are immune to CC


Trash pull 2

  • Mobs: 2 x Defiler, 6 x warrior, 1 x White Hand Uruk Hai
  • Kill Order: Healers > Warriors > Uruk Hai
  • CC adaptation: Uruk Hai cannot be CC. Warriors go into frenzy if they cant attack the enemy.


Ring of Shadow Boss: Bukot


Bukot Ring of Shadow T2 Stats

Bukot is somewhat more challenging than the others, as it requires the raid to coordinate moreso than on other wings. Once the mechanics are understood, it is a simple boss.

Our method for this boss requires two tank and two designated target assists: melee and ranged.


Debuffs, Roots and Clouds

  • Callout 1:Darkness envelops you [player name]” – This is a debuff applied to the tank, and marked by a purple eye over the player’s head. Upon expiration, the tank will take more damage, be incapable of b/p/e, and have healing penalties. This is the time to swap aggro.
  • Callout 2:I call forth the night!” – This generates a purple cloud that slows players within it. Ranged should aim to stay out of it at all times.
  • Callout 3:You will be swallowed by the darkness [player name]” – This is marked by a red aura around the called player, and will inflict heavy damage over time until the player is brought up to full health. Healers should coordinate to remove the effect as soon as possible
  • Callout 4:The Tendrils of the dark hold you [player name]” – This calls a root on a player. Ranged should dispose of this root as soon as possible
  • Callout 5:Choke and die on my noxious fumes” – This is the most important callout and is marked by a black cloud. It signals that nobody within that area should move, or you will take massive damage for every step. Designating one person to call the “don’t move” period has worked well.


The bubbles:

Bukot uses morale bubbles. It is up to the group to dps through them or conserve power and attack upon expire. This is a good time for loremasters to steal power.


A video of a T1 clear below:


Ring of Shadow Bukot Tier II & Challenge Guide

Bukot is a very different boss in Ring of Shadow T2 mode. You should install the Alerter Plugin to make it easier.  The challenge is to complete the encounter in under 5 minutes.

Bukot has 4 add waves that come at different health points and can thus be controlled. Each wave has a combination of Glooms, Defilers and Ravagers. Your boss tank will need to follow a pattern to move the boss out of the purple clouds *BEFORE* the black clouds spawn, so that the group is not caught on the slows and dots. See the following diagram for wave spawn locations and tanking pattern:


Ring of Shadow Bukot T2 Challenge Map

The waves will spawn respective to the boss’s health. Your objective is to kill the lights as fast as possible, followed by any roots that may be active, then defilers if unmezzed or ravager then defiler if mezzed. The second tank will have to pick up and hold adds to a side, which can be very challenging for the heals. Removing corruptions from the Ravagers and overall good group coordination and communication will make this fight easier. Make smart use of your Loremaster and Burglar/s CC and damage debuffs and buffs.

Wave 1 80% Kill all

  • Defiler and Ravager(East): killed by melee group
  • Gloom (East: Ranged
  • Gloom (North): Ranged
  • Gloom (South): Ranged

Wave 2 65% Kill 3/5

  • Defiler and Ravager (North): Ranged kill Defiler
  • Ravager and Gloom (East): Ranged Kill Gloom
  • Ravager (South): Melee kill Ravager

Wave 3 45% Kill 3/5

  • Defiler Ravager and Gloom (South): Ranged Kill Gloom, Melee kill Defiler
  • Ravager and Gloom (North): Ranged kill Gloom

Wave 4 35% Kill 2/5

  • Defiler and Ravager (South)
  • Defiler and Ravager (North)
  • Gloom and Defiler(East): Ranged Kill


A video of a clear

Possible Loot
  •  Manavagol
  •  Redendail
  •  Thuringol

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