Resident Evil Project Resistance First Trailer Features Team Gameplay

Resident Evil Project Resistance First Trailer Features Team Gameplay

Capcom have been teasing a brand new title for the Resident Evil franchise known as Project Resistance and they have revealed the first trailer ahead of the Tokyo Game Show.

Resident Evil Project Resistance First Trailer Features Team Gameplay

The first trailer for the new game Project Resistance was released featuring a group defending themselves against an onslaught of zombies and creatures in a closed off facility, while someone pushed buttons in a control room releasing these horrors. After slaughtering what the room has to throw at them, Mr. X appears as the mastermind, and steps up planning to take them on all at once.

The trailer is more of cinematic but does hint at team-based gameplay. Whether this will be a team co-op fighter, pitting players against a number of challenging enemies or whether it’s a more of a PvP type game following more of the likes of Dead By Daylight is unknown at this point. Can you play as Mr. X and terrorise your friends? So far Capcom have revealed it to be a “team-based survival horror”.

A brand-new team-based survival horror experience is coming.

While details are few, Tokyo Game Show is this week there are already plans for a few stage shows for Project Resistance, the first being this Thursday 12th at 12:30 PM JST.

You can check out the trailer below:

Project Resistance will release on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Steam according to the official website, no release window has been announced as of yet but stay tuned for more info this week from the Tokyo Game Show!

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