Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Walkthrough Guide Part 2: Items, Weapons, Puzzles, Bosses & More

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Walkthrough Guide Part 2: Items, Weapons, Puzzles, Bosses & More

Welcome to the second of a 2 part complete walkthrough for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. RE7 released this week for players and is looking to bring the franchise back to its storytelling and survival horror roots after a series of recent releases that saw it stray further and further away. With a renewed focus on exploration and using your wits, we’ve put together a walkthrough guide for the game to help you make your way through the scares and jumps. Along the way we’ll show you how to obtain the various items and weapons, solve the game’s cunning puzzles and take out the enemies and bosses. Part 1 covered Chapters 1 -4 of the game, and Part 2 will cover Chapters 5-9.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 5

You will find some photos in the trailer, and a mutated human head in the refrigerator. Soup’s on? Leave the trailer, head towards the blue light, then proceed to the upper level. Inside the room there is an antique behind a TV. Have a seat and check out the show.

Leave the room using the passage behind the TV, the room on the right side of the passage has an Herb, but beware of the laser traps before entering. In the next room you can find a Repair Kit on top of a metal cage, after moving the head figure. There is a trap on top of the light and another beneath a table. In the corridor there is another Antique Coin at the bottom of a cage. You can also break the crates for additional ammo.


Mind the traps!

Mind the traps!

Downstairs, there is a room on the left. Before going in, shoot the laser trap first from a little ahead. Inside the room there is another trap, look back when you enter and shoot it. There is a door here that requires a password to open, but whatever you input will trigger a trap. To proceed, once you input the password, stay clear of the door, and a secret passage will reveal itself after the trap is triggered.

Enter the passage and crouch near the second turn to avoid the laser traps on the windows. Be prepared as a zombie will sneak behind you; act fast and finish it off.

Before venturing forth to the nearest room, crouch to shoot the laser trap on the wall and roof. Inside the room there are another 2 laser traps, one near the door and one on the shelf. An Antique Coin can be found in a drawer, Steroids is on the bottom of the cabinet, and a Cassette can be found on the shelf.

Moving forward, you will find 2 zombies trying to ambush you near the stairs. On the second level, Chem Fluids, Herb and a Cassette Tape can be found in first room. A Battery can be found on an oil barrel on the other side of the second level.


Use the Battery on the machine on the first level, and there is also a Separating Agent on a table. Be prepared to fight. 2 huge zombies will come down using elevator, you can shoot them before they step out, then use the environment to dodge their vomit. If you get injured, there’s an Herb in the corner of the barn.

After defeating the fat zombies, get into the elevator and push the button. Keep moving on, on a table near a corpse there is a First Aid Med, and from the note on the corpse is a code. Push the button to unveil the stairs, and you’ll also find an Antique Coin on a shelf near the button.


Go downstairs and head back to the room with the password locked door and input the password (1408) to unlock it. Before going into the room, place your equipment in the nearby crate.

Pick up the candle from a skeleton, find a cake and the light will turn on. Use the stove in the kitchen to light the candle, but don’t put it on the cake yet, instead use the candle to unlock the door tied with rope. There are plenty of balloons inside this room, and on the ground in the corner there is one balloon you can pick.


At the end of this room is another locked door, input LOSER to unlock it. Congratulations as this will be the only time being a loser gets you ahead. There is a Valve Handle inside. Use the handle on the pipe, light the candle again and put it on. Grab the time bomb and throw it into the broken wall, and wait for it to explode from a safe distance.

The explosion opens a way to the surveillance room, where a woman’s voice instructs you to find her and Mia outside the house on a pier.

There is a D-Series Head near the monitor, a Testing Area Map on the wall and a Cassette Tape on a table. Before you leave, make sure to recover your equipment from the crate. Once outside, use the Crank to lift up the bridge. Beware the zombie ambush from the water.

Chapter 6

Head to the pier, where Mia and Zoe were tied up on the second floor. Untie them, and Zoe will create the serum.

A giant zombie will suddenly break the wall and attack, and you must fight. Move around to dodge its blows, its weakness is the eyes. One of the eyes is on its belly, shoot it when it is crawling on the second floor.


At the second stage of this boss fight, be sure to dodge when it raises its hands. Continue the process until victorious. After defeating the monster, use the serum to deliver the final blow, and then follow Zoe to the boat.

There is only one serum left, and you must choose cure Zoe or Mia. Important: this will affect the ending!

(Spoiler: Zoe will die whether or not you give her the serum, Mia will live if she has been cured!)

If you choose to cure Zoe, Mia will be upset and desire to stay because she has some work left to do. In the swamp, Eveline attacks the boat.

Chapter 7

From here on you will play as Mia.

Get inside the ship wreckage and explore the place; inside a drawer near the save point you will find a handgun. Get the General Purpose Fuse from a room with cages. Use it on the door near the 1F sign to unlock it, then go upstairs.


On the third floor, a little girl commands Mia to watch an Old Videotape. This video shows what happened three years ago, and it appears that Eveline is a test subject and Mia was a researcher back then. Unfortunately Eveline escaped and must be dealt with. When will people learn about “test subjects”?

Search the immediate area, the numbers displayed on your watch shows the distance to the target. Follow Eveline into the elevator, but be careful as there will be a zombie waiting to ambush you from above. Keep searching for Eveline, there is a locked door that can be opened with Corrosive.

Location of Corrosive

Location of Corrosive


Keep chasing Eveline but beware of the zombies, then follow her into the elevator. Climb up to second floor and go through the air vent to reach the stairs.


On the third floor, you find Allen – the leading researcher, but he is soon killed by Eveline. Eveline appears to have power over everyone she has infected.

Continue on after the cut scene, and use the laptop to send an email to Ethan. This is what Ethan received at the beginning of Chapter 1. After you leave the room, Eveline will destroy the entire ship. The recall part now comes to an end.

Chapter 8

Leave the room and climb the ladder inside the elevator well to the upper level. There are a lot of supplies in the Captain’s Cabin so go nuts gathering everything you need.


Use the elevator well to get to the second floor, and find a room with three paintings. Rotate the paintings to unlock the safe case and get the Corrosive. There are some zombies in the corridor but you can run past them if you prefer to avoid a fight.



Climb the ladder inside the elevator well to get to the third floor, and use Corrosive to open the locked door.


Get the Power Cable in the cabin, but be careful as there will be a zombie trying to attack you from behind. Head back to the elevator to fix it.


Now go to the S2 floor, there is an Antique Coin in the corner of the passage. A remote bomb can be found in the engine room.


After defeating the zombies, use Corrosive to unlock the safe. There is an Antique Coin inside.


Find Eveline and Ethan in the equipment cabin.


Now switch to Ethan’s point of view. The father will explain to Ethan what actually happened here. Mia then digs Ethan out of the bio-mess, and you must escape the ship wreck.

Follow the road to a wood house, climb the ladder and get inside. From the radio transmission, Ethan learns that a special op team has arrived.


Chapter 8-2

If you chose not to cure Mia, chapter 8 will be slightly different. After being dug up by Mia, Ethan will see her trying to attack him.

There is a Crowbar on the ground, pick it up and fight back. After you kill Mia, you realize that you were misguided by Eveline. Scandalous!

Chapter 9

Head back to the abandoned house from Chapter 1, where the final boss fight awaits.

Don’t waste your ammo on the illusions, instead find the little girl first, and use the serum on her. Unload everything you have on her after she turns into a giant. Hold nothing back!

If you cure Mia in chapter 6 and don’t attack her during this ending, you and her will both be rescued by Umbrella special teams lead by none other than Redfield!


With that, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has come to a thrilling conclusion! There is still much more to do, more chapters to replay and collectibles to hunt for. If you’re feeling brave.

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