Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Walkthrough Guide Part 1: Items, Weapons, Puzzles, Bosses & More

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Walkthrough Guide Part 1: Items, Weapons, Puzzles, Bosses & More

Welcome to the first of a 2 part complete walkthrough for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. RE7 released yesterday for players and is looking to bring the franchise back to its storytelling and survival horror roots after a series of recent releases that saw it stray further and further away. With a renewed focus on exploration and using your wits, we’ve put together a walkthrough guide for the game to help you make your way through the scares and jumps. Along the way we’ll show you how to obtain the various items and weapons, solve the game’s cunning puzzles and take out the enemies and bosses. Part 1 will cover Chapters 1 -4 of the game, and Part 2 will cover Chapters 5-9.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 1

At the start of the game, Ethan (you) was watching videos from a troubled lady. She warned Ethan to stay away, but Ethan decided to go to Dulvey, Louisiana and find Mia – his wife who went missing three years ago. Step out of the car, walk down the overgrown road, to find a seemingly abandoned building. The front gate is locked, and you have to find another way to get into this place.

Take the road on the left, there is an aged fence not far away. On this fence there is a sign, Accept Her Gift.

Keep walking, you will see someone at the end of the road. But when you get closer, he will disappear. A murder of crows eating some kind of animal corpse will be near the road. You’ll find a totem made of corpses, and must crouch through it to continue the search.

Near some smoking garbage in front of a wooden house, there is a lady’s handbag, inside it is a Driver’s License.


Get inside the wooden house, to find it all dark inside. You turn on your light, but the door locked behind you, there is no way out unless you figure out what is in here.

Open the door, in the kitchen there is a burnt photo in a drawer. On the second floor, there is a Derelict House  Footage and a Save Point on the table.


Go back to the living room on the first floor, use the video tape player with the Derelict House Footage. The footage shows a recent video from a production team called Sewer Gators who tried to shoot this place for their haunted house show, until strange things happened. At the end of this footage, an unknown enemy shows up and attacks the camera man (fun fact: that camera man is the main character of the demo, and he made it out alive).

Now use the handle in the fireplace to reveal a secret entrance . Climb down the ladder.


After descending, Ethan will find himself in the basement of this building, and across the watery passage there is another room. Near the locked door there is a note that can be found on the table. A Bolt Cutter is also on the table.


Use the Bolt Cutter to open the locked door, Mia is on the bed inside the room. She seems confused and believes that Ethan is in great danger. She refuses to explain what is going on here and just says they need to get out before talking further.

Follow Mia to a new room, there is a photo on the trolley cart. You decide to find a way out, but just a few steps away, Mia was taken and a new way appears. Go upstairs, a Guest House Map can be found in the drawer.


In the bathroom, there is 2 First Aid Med, one inside the drawer, another on top of the chest.

Go back to the stairs after you hear the noise, but be prepared, the first battle of this game is waiting ahead. Mia is on the stairs but she seems possessed, you will have to accurately press the buttons when prompted during the QTE while she attacks you. Once you grab the axes, you can fight back.

Pick up the phone, and learn that there is a way out in the attic. Don’t forget to pick up the axes before you advance. Go back to the kitchen, use the Bolt Cutter on the cabinet in the corridor and find the Fuse.


Use the fuse in living room, Mia shows up again after Ethan leaves the room. This time, she nails Ethan on the wall and cuts his left hand with a chain saw. Go up stairs and push the button, and head to the 3rd floor. On the right side there is a room with 5 Handgun Ammo, a M19 Handgun and a First Aid Med. The next room has 7 Handgun Ammo on a table.

Climb the ladder, and Mia will show up with her chain saw. You will have to use all of your bullets to put her down. After you dispatch Mia, a mysterious man shows up and will knock you out.

Chapter 2

After the family leaves, Ethan can move again. There is 5 Handgun Ammo inside the room with the stereo and sofa, and an Herb just near the chest of drawers on the ground.


In the kitchen, an Herb can be found inside the dustbin. Move to the corridor, but don’t let the father find you, instead hide around the corner, and move after he leaves. On the table at the next corner there is a Hatch Key.


Go back to kitchen, open the door, and inside the room there is a hatch, use the Hatch Key to open it. Go through the underground passage and climb up to the washing room. There you will find a Save Point and Main House Map. In the chest here you can restore your items or get the items you previously restored if this is your second play through. Answer the phone call and then leave the room.

At the end of the corridor, a policeman is knocking at the window. After a short conversation he gives you a pocket knife and ask you to meet him at the garage.

Turn back from the windows, go to the room on the left side. You can use your knife to break the wooden box to get 5 Handgun Ammo. Go downstairs, use the knife to open the box and push the button to open the door to the garage.


After the enemy appears, go right and find a Car Key on the table. Drive the car to hit the enemy. After the cut scene, don’t forget to pick the G17 Handgun on the ground before you leave the garage.


Chapter 3

Climb the ladder, and on a shelf there is a photo frame. Turn it around to get the Ox Statuette. Then move the shelf to advance.


Back at the main house, there is a locked door in the corridor. Use the Ox Statuette to unlock it. In the main hall there is an Herb on the table near the entrance, and an Antique Coin in the drawer near cabinet. On the wall the photos show Arklay Mountains (where the original Resident Evil is set). On a statue there is a shotgun which can be obtained later in the game.

Go upstairs, an Herb can be found on balcony ground (the room with an old man in a chair near the door). At the end of balcony, a box can be broken to get some Handgun Ammo.

Continue on and in the bathroom, unplug the bathtub and get the Wooden Statuette. Be prepared before you open the door.


Run away from the enemy and return to the main hall and use the Wooden Statuette on the pillar in the room with the projector. Rotate the statuette until its shadow resembles an eagle on the oil painting. Then proceed to the secret passage, run through the multiple rooms and find your way to the underground.


There are zombies wandering the underground passage; put them down or neglect them until you come to a morgue. Open the cabinet and search the dead bodies, but be prepared for a battle since some of them refuse to remain dead. In the drawer closest to the door there is the Dissection Room Key.


Leave the morgue, from the room with a bathtub inside, there is a staircase to the upper level. An Herb can be found from where zombies appears on the wall. In the generator room there are multiple zombies, run pass them or put them down. Use the Dissection Room Key to unlock the door.

In the next room you will find the father saying something about his daughter, just keep steady and do not engage him. After he leaves the room, take the stairs on the left, heading to the next room, there is an Herb on shelf.

Open the door and go back to where the father is, you will find a Chem Fluid. Heading to dissection room (the one with multiple hanging bodies), there is a Red Dog’s Head statuette hanging by chains, but before you grab it, the father will show up!


His attack is very powerful, but he is also slow and predictable so use the environment to keep your distance when he swings his weapons. Attack him from a distance, and when he is kneeling on ground, you can fight back in close range. His weakness is his back. There is a Chainsaw on one of the bodies here as well.


Use the chainsaw to open the barred door and go all the way back to where the passage is blocked by some turquoise fencing not too far from the morgue. Open it and find a Scorpion Key in the next room.


Open the iron door in that room, go upstairs and open the door with the scorpion on it. Put the Red Dog’s Head on the frame near the sofa. Get the Clock Pendulum on a nearby clock then go into the room with the stereo, near the dining room, where this chapter starts, put the Clock Pendulum on and get the White Dog’s Head.


Location of White Dog's Head

Location of White Dog’s Head

Put the White Dog’s Head on and then go upstairs; on the second floor there is a room with a red wooden door and mini bar inside. The Blue Dog’s Head is hidden inside a book here. Use the Scorpion Key to unlock the door with the Scorpion on it, and there is a Broken Shotgun. Put the Broken Shotgun on the statue at the main hall and you will obtain a Shotgun. Now you can begin some iconic close range zombie killing!

Blue Dog's Head

Blue Dog’s Head


Put the Blue Dog’s Head on to reveal the exit to the outside. To your left you will find an Herb.

Chapter 4

Inside the trailer, there is a save point and some photos. When you are just about to leave, the telephone rings, answer it.

Zoe tells Ethan there is only one way to save Mia, and that is to find the serum. She suggests that Ethan search the old house, but beware of her mother. Leave the trailer and follow the road to the old house near the water. There are some boxes you can break at the door, and some ammo can be found inside.

There is a new type of enemy, flies in this area, they are faster than common zombies and much more disgusting so be cautious as you advance.

Location of map

Location of the map

In the corridor, there is an Old House Map on a table. Outside of the old house, there is a bag near the save point that lets you carry more items. You can also find one flame thrower part in the dustbin on the trestle, and another one can be found on the table of a small cabin.



Location of flame thrower parts 4-3

In the passage to cellar, there is an Antique Coin. Inside the cellar there is a stone statuette on the table.


Entrance to the cellar

Mia will show up on the other side of the door, but she’s been hold hostage by the son. Back at the old house, mother will appear and wander about. What a family.

Sneak past the mother to the projector room, and use the statuette to open a secret passage. Use the passage to reach the other side of the old house, you will find an Herb in a dustbin. A Crank can also be found underground.


Get inside to find the crank.

Use the crank to lift the bridge between two sides of the old house, and outside the old house lift another bridge and find the Crow Key and an Antique Coin in a cabin. Multiple other items can be found in this general area so stock up!

Make your way back to the old house, and reach the door with a crow on it. Do not waste ammo on the wandering mother, as she can’t be killed right now. Mother will suddenly appear in front of the door with the crow and will throw you on the floor. Use the flame thrower on her until she drops, and be mindful of the flies she summons!

Once she’s been dealt with, open the door with the crow, and inside open the chest and acquire the components for the serum. Answer the phone, and Zoe will suggest that you search the second floor further. Don’t you love people barking orders at you from afar?

There is an Antique Coin in a drawer and a locked door. Head back to the hole the mother fell into, jump into it and go forward. Leave and find an Antique Coin on a metal box. Take the staircase to the second floor and there you will find a bunch of supplies. Jump through the hole to the first floor, and explore but be careful when you near the window, as the mother will break it and try to attack you.

Shoot her when she climbs the windows, and sometimes she will try to ambush you from above when you are on the staircase keep your positioning in mind. After committing glorious matricide, loot the Lantern from her body. Go to the first floor where previously a gate blocked the way, and go forth.

Get out of the Green House and head back to the Old House, and use the Lantern to unlock the door. Search the area, behind the iron door a note can be found inside the toy house. Reveal the secret room and get the D-series Arm. Be careful of zombies on your way out. This is a zombie game after all.

Answer the phone when it rings, Zoe will ask you to meet her at the trailer. But when you arrive, you receive a call from the son instead; he has both Zoe and Mia now!

Chapter 4 has now come to an end and Part 2 of this guide will cover the events of chapters 5 – 9. Get your popcorn ready!

Part 2 of the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Walkthrough

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