Resident Evil 2: Starter Guide & Tips

Resident Evil 2: Starter Guide & Tips

Last updated on January 26th, 2019

In this Resident Evil 2 Starter Guide, I’ll be going over various tips to assist you while undertaking this game. Whether you are playing as Leon or Claire these pointers should keep you afloat amidst all the zombies!

Resident Evil 2: Starter Guide & Tips

Resident Evil 2 is a survival horror but has useful items, puzzles and clues along the way. Paying attention to discovering items is crucial to making it out alive and might lead to a trophy or two.

Explore Everything!

  • Use the map to ensure nothing is left behind. Ensure you pick up ammo, wooden boards, new weapons, and everything you can find scattered about in Raccoon City.
  • The Map will turn different colors meaning you have searched the entire room/area, but it will not tell you if you have missed small snippets of information! That burden falls on the player.

Practice Movement

  • Practice moving around walking and running to get the feel of movement of the characters.
  • Master the quick turn by pressing down on the left stick and circle (on console), it will make your character do a quick 180, handy in vital moments.
  • Learn how to whip your camera around to quickly inspect new surprises and evaluate if you want to engage or not.
    • Pressing right stick resets the camera behind you.

Use the Item Boxes

Players have an extremely limited inventory so its best to deposit items you are not using at the moment away in these large chests called Item Boxes. Don’t worry all large chests share their contents so deposit away! Avoid using this if you are after the Minimalist trophy.

Obtain all the Hip Pouches 

Each Hip Pouch adds 2 more inventory slots increasing the number of items you can carry. Obtaining 1 unlocks the Hip to Add Squares trophy, while collecting all of them unlocks the A Waist of Space trophy.

Don’t Move & Shoot

Moving while attempting to shoot will keep your reticle larger than if being stationary and trying to shoot. Stop, aim, shoot is optimal to be as precise as you can. Look at the difference!

Immobilize Your Target

Shoot at the zombies legs to slow them down, they will crawl and or move at a slower pace than normal. Now you can get behind them and slash them to death again with your knife. Speaking of knives that leads us to our next tip.

Slash! Don’t Counter-Attack

Slashing wears down the knife slower than if you are using it as a method of counter-attacking. 2 Counter-attacks will wear a knife from max durability! Once a knife’s durability hits 0 it will leave your inventory so be wary of this!

Saving is limited! (Hardcore Mode)

Playing on the hardest difficulty limits saving as players will have to obtain an ink ribbon in order to save. For those playing on the lower difficulties this does not apply to you.

Shoot all the Raccoons

Scattered through out the game will be these toy Mr. Raccoons that must be destroyed in order to unlock Vermin Extermination and Complete Vermin Extermination trophies.

Combine Items

Combining items not only saves room in your inventory by consolidating, but can make ammo, healing items and more. Check out the list of items below that can be combined together:

  • Green Herb: Heals
  • Blue Herb: Cures Poison
  • Red Herb: use to combine and power up effects/ constitution
  • Red/Green Herb: Combine Green Herb and Red Herb
    • Ingesting this will grant reduced damage taken for a period of time. The green portion of the icon will decrease over time, indicating the time remaining until the effect wears off.
  • Green/Green Herb: Combine 2 Green Herbs
  • Green/Blue Herb: Combine Green Herb and Blue Herb
  • Handgun Ammo = Combine 2 Gunpowder
  • Shotgun Shells = Combine Gunpowder and High-Grade Gunpowder (Yellow)
  • MAG Ammo = Combine 2 High-Grade Gunpowder (Yellow)
  • Acid Rounds = Combine Gunpowder and High-Grade Gunpowder (White)

Damage & Poison

  • As players take damage, their health will change from Fine, Caution, Danger.
  • Later in the game some enemies can poison the player. If poisoned, player’s health will decay to Caution.
    • Using recovery items will not improve your health.
    • Some actions will become disabled.

Hopefully these tips will save you from dying to a zombie attack and aid you in surviving Raccoon City!

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