Resident Evil 2 Post-Launch DLC to Include Ghost Survivors Mode

Resident Evil 2 Post-Launch DLC to Include Ghost Survivors Mode

Capcom are a few days away from from releasing their remake of the survival horror Resident Evil 2 and have announced some post-launch content.

Resident Evil 2 Post-Launch DLC to Include Ghost Survivors Mode

Capcom revealed in a livestream event (translated by Siliconera) that they will be adding some free post-launch content to upcoming Resident Evil 2, which includes free skins that will bring the low-poly versions of Leon and Claire from the originally released RE2.

The skins will launch firstly in Japan for those who purchase the specially-marked digital copies in-store for Resident Evil 2, then the rest will be able to gain the skins on March 22nd, 2019. For the moment the skins have only been announced for Japanese players, hopefully they bring the special retro skins to the rest of the world as well.

The skins are not the only post-launch content that will be making it’s way to Resident Evil 2, a new mode called “The Ghost Survivors” which will include some side storylines with other characters from the game. The first episode of the “The Ghost Survivors” series will feature Kendo Gun Shop Owner, Robert Kendo as well as some other characters met in later chapters.

The Ghost Survivors mode will be part of a free DLC post-launch

This new mode will include randomised elements as well as an in-game shop where players can purchase upgrades and gear by earning points in-game, motivating players to gain higher scores and take on more challenging events. Having randomised elements sound like this mode could be very replayable, as each time could feel like a different playthrough. This mode is similar to the previous “The Mercenaries” mini-games which were a part of previous Resident Evil titles. So far Capcom haven’t revealed the release date of the post-launch DLC.

Resident Evil 2 will release on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC on January 25th 2019.

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