ResetEra Is The Fresh New Start For Ex NeoGAF Users!

ResetEra Is The Fresh New Start For Ex NeoGAF Users!

After the meltdown of one of gaming’s biggest online forum, NeoGAF, as a result of the controversy surrounding sexual allegations against the website’s owner Tyler “Evilore” Malka, most of its user base has now moved on elsewhere.

ResetEra – Reboot

ResetEra, a new website that just went live, is one such place and perhaps the most familiar one, as it was jump started by a community of former NeoGAF moderators and members. Registration to the site is an invite-only process, at least in the meantime.

Though the NeoGAF forum did come back online earlier this week after an entire weekend of being down, a majority of its user base have opted to settle into ResetEra. And already, the new website has over 7,000 registered members since its launch on Wednesday.

This has pushed ResetEra off to a very good start, as the site is populated with active threads, much like NeoGAF did prior to the incident. And Cerium, an admin on the site released a statement in regards to the NeoGAF situation, which can be read down below.

After discussions among the staff and with the community we have decided that we want ResetEra to be a truly fresh start. We’d like to look to the future and leave any baggage behind. Towards that end we ask you not to post any threads about NeoGAF or its owner and avoid linking to the site. This is in no way an attempt to shut down free discussion, but instead a way to avoid unnecessary complications with other parties. If you must, there are other ways and venues to express yourselves but please get it out of your system before coming to ResetEra. We have a great opportunity here to build something new with a blank slate. Let’s press reset!

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2 comments on “ResetEra Is The Fresh New Start For Ex NeoGAF Users!”

  1. Avatar EldritchImagination says:

    Personally, I don’t like the name. Seems too situational. Makes sense at the moment, but what about years down the road, what significance will it have?

  2. Avatar Fexelea says:

    *Shrug* Starting a new forum is no easy thing. People are creatures of habit. Good luck to them, I don’t think I’d have the energy to do it all over again.

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