Remnant 2 Unveils Canine Companion for the Handler Archetype

Remnant 2 Unveils Canine Companion for the Handler Archetype

Upcoming sequel third-person shooter Remnant 2 reveals players will gain a dog companion when playing the Handler.

Remnant 2 Unveils Canine Companion for the Handler Archetype

The sequel to the souls-like shooter Remnant From the Ashes is getting some new archetypes. In Remnant 2 a new archetype called the Handler comes with its own pet companion, a dog who will join you in battles.

The Handler does just that. Team up with a friendly doggo in battle with the new archetype in Remnant 2.

The Handler

This archetype was revealed by the developer Gunfire Games who shared that the Handler won’t be going it alone. Accompanying the Handler is a dog who will join players in fights, so they won’t be alone even when playing solo. Lead designer Ben Cureton shared in an article with IGN that the idea behind this new archetype so that if you’re planning to play the game in single-player, you still have a fighting chance and it’s just as practical when teaming up in a group.

This canine friend has three modes to utilise. Guard will make it howl to draw aggro from enemies, Support to heal the player and allies in the group. Finally, in Attack mode, the dog will go on the offensive with a damage focus. In order to keep track of the dog’s mode, the bandana it wears around its neck will change colour depending on the mode. You can also order the dog’s location using a ping system.

Depending on the mode, the dog’s bandana will change colour to represent Guard, Support or Attack mode.

If you find yourself on the brink of death and have a Dragon Heart potion on you, your doggo can revive you, letting you continue your fight. This companion sounds like a handy one to have around, especially when playing without teammates. A revival pup sounds like a great addition to keep you in the game when there aren’t allies around.

Archetypes’ Important Role in Remnant 2

Recently the devs broke down another new archetype the Gunslinger, and how the archetype system will play an important role in the sequel. Remnant 2 looks to be shaking up the system, with archetypes having more of a role which is apparent with the Handler who gets its own buddy with the Handler’s Prime Perk. The perk is significant as you can only choose one. So the Handler will be able to take on a number of situations as a duo, how handy. Hopefully, the dog won’t go down with its owner if things go south.

Remnant 2 is set to be released in Summer 2023 for PC, Playstation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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