Remnant 2 Introduces the Gunslinger Archetype
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Remnant 2 Introduces the Gunslinger Archetype

Remnant 2 just revealed its first Archetype, the Gunslinger. An exclusive video with IGN showed off the skills, traits, and perks available to the archetype.

Remnant 2 Introduces the Gunslinger Archetype

The follow-up to popular Soulslike third-person shooter, Remnant: From the Ashes just announced its first Archetype, the Gunslinger. This is different from a “class”, and we’ll touch upon that later on. But for now, we get an explosive look at a character who can unleash a rain of bullets in the shortest time possible.

But before that, let’s explore what developer Gunfire Games is doing to improve the sequel’s Archetype system. There are a lot of exciting changes coming, so let’s jump right in!

Remnant 2’s Revamped Archetype Selection

Remnant: From the Ashes’ archetype system simply defined a player’s starting loadout and initial trait lines. Choosing the Hunter vs the Scrapper would only mean you start out with a Hunting Rifle instead of a Shotgun. But eventually, you would unlock everything other archetypes have access to, and essentially just swap classes entirely.

Deadeye. Image Credit IGN Remnant 2
Deadeye. Image Credit IGN Remnant 2

This will work quite differently in Remnant 2. Your initial “Archetype” (not class!) selection will dictate a few things. While the initial Archetype will still contain your initial loadout, pieces of which can still be unlocked with regular play, your choice will now have two big additions: Perks and Skills. These will grow in strength as you level individual archetypes, unlocking more features that play into that type’s strengths (and weaknesses).

Skill Up!

Remnant 2 will be receiving an overhauled skill system. Previously, players could have an active skill slotted into their primary and secondary weapons. These were called mods, and they’re still going to be in the game in some form. Now, each Archetype will have 3 specific skills unique to that type.

Remnant 2 Will Have Archetype Skills
Remnant 2 Will Have Archetype Skills

Archetype Skills will be cooldown based now, instead of operating via mod power buildup that was a bit more dynamic from the first game. As these Archetype Skills are potentially much stronger, their use must be limited a bit.

Gunslinger in Remnant 2
Gunslinger in Remnant 2

Unfortunately, you can only have 1 Archetype Skill slotted in combat at any given time. That means you may have to think before you run charging into battle. However, you can freely swap Archetype Skills around anytime outside of combat, not just at rest spots.

The Perk System

Overall, Gunfire Games plans to have 5 different perk types in Remnant 2. These are Prime, Damage, Team, Utility, and Relic.

Gunslinger Traits, Perks, and More
Gunslinger Traits, Perks, and More. Image Credit: IGN

Prime Perks are exclusive to each Archetype and completely define how the class is intended to be played. They will act as the cornerstone of your play style.

Damage Perks, on the other hand, are very straightforward. If you want to kill enemies faster in Remnant 2, this is what you focus on. Some Archetypes will have more gun-related damage perks, while others may get boosts to skill or mod damage instead.

Team Perks are those that you focus on whenever you’re in a group. Think gigantic auras and other buffs that affect not just you, but even your friends. Become the best Paladin ever!

Utility Perks are the things that don’t easily fit into the other categories, such as sprint speed or evade distance.

Lastly, the Relic Perks provide temporary, but potentially game-changing effects whenever the player consumes a Relic. In the case of Remnant 2, these are the Dragon Hearts that players gobble up to heal themselves.

Traits Updated

Traits will still exist in the traditional sense from the first game, but Remnant 2 will now introduce Archetype-specific traits. These Archetype Traits will automatically level up as you gain strength in that specific Archetype. This is important as you now have a limited number of total Trait Points you can assign, unlike in the first game.

Gunslinger Loadout. Image Credit: IGN
Gunslinger Loadout. Image Credit: IGN

What’s cool about the new system is that whenever an Archetype’s level is maxed out, their associated Archetype Trait will get unlocked for any other Archetypes that you swap into. So if you have a max-level Gunslinger, you can use their DPS-specific Trait onto a Support Archetype, if you so wish.

The Gunslinger

When words aren’t enough, then it’s time to bring out the big guns. The Gunslinger is the perfect Archetype for the players who enjoy high fire rate weapons as well as being a pistoleer. They are a pure DPS Archetype, with their quick reload speed and weapon-swapping abilities.

If It Moves, Shoot It!
If It Moves, Shoot It!

Their Prime Perk is called “Loaded”. This passive ability makes it so that the Gunslinger will instantly reload both his primary and secondary weapons at the same time, as well as grant infinite ammunition for a limited time. It activates whenever a Gunslinger Skill is activated. The Gunslinger’s Archetype Trait, Ammo Reserves, increases your ammunition capacity, ensuring that you’re never left wanting for bullets.

Monstrous Beasts Return in Remnant 2
Monstrous Beasts Return in Remnant 2

Gunslingers in Remnant 2 will have 3 unique skills: Quick Draw, Sidewinder, and Bulletstorm. Quick Draw makes the Gunslinger take out their revolver, allowing them to quickly unleash 6 shots onto their foes. Sidewinder enhances aiming down sights by drastically increasing movement and weapon swap speeds. It also makes changing weapons automatically reload. Bulletstorm makes you a walking avatar of death. Guns become fully automatic, projectile weapons travel faster, and you generally become much, much deadlier.

The Remaining Remnant 2

Do keep in mind that all of the information thus far is from the game’s pre-alpha build, so things are still definitely subject to many, many changes. For sure damage numbers and stats will change as part of the team’s extensive balancing for Remnant 2, but the base systems should still find their way into the final product. At least in one form or the other.

We also didn’t get to touch on Dual Archetypes, a system that will let you mix and match the skills and talents of two different Archetypes.

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