Red Dead Redemption 2: Honor Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2: Honor Guide

Last updated on January 16th, 2019

Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 Western set action-adventure RPG title is highly anticipated by all. Players will take control of Arthur Morgan, an outlaw and a member of the Van der Linde gang during 1899. While the “2” in the title makes it sound like it’s a sequel, it is actually a prequel to Red Dead Redemption.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Honor Guide

Players will struggle during their playthough whether they should love harlots stay honorable or become devious. In this guide I’ll inform you on how to lose and gain honor as well as the benefits of staying true.

Perks of being Honorable

Lets start with the most important thing: “why should we be honorable?” There are actually levels to the perks one will receive if they stay and eventually max out their righteousness.

  • Rank -8:  Negative Max and Access to Gunslinger Ebony Grip*
  • Rank -7: Gunslinger Ebony Grip*
  • Rank -6: Gunslinger Ebony Grip*
  • Rank -5: Gunslinger Ebony Grip*
  • Rank -4: Gunslinger Ebony Grip*
  • Rank -3:
  • Rank -2:
  • Rank -1: Looting bodies have an increase % chance of obtaining Dead Eye Tonics, thrown weapons, alcohol, and tobacco. Looting lawmen have an increase % chance to obtain money and jewelry.
  • Rank 0: Looting bodies provide chances to obtain basic tonics, basic jewelry, basic horse consumables, opened alcohol and tobacco items.
  • Rank 1:  Looting bodies have an increase % chance of stronger tonics, healing items, jewelry, and food.
  • Rank 2: 10% discount in all stores.
  • Rank 3: Access to the Bulldogger, the McLaughlin, the Chevalier, the Corson, the Cumberland, the Cowpuncher, the Valentine, and the Roscoe.
  • Rank 4: Access to the optional honor mission in Chapter 6 “Do Not Seek Absolution” and access to Hero Pearl Grip
  • Rank 5: 25% discount in all stores.
  • Rank 6: Access to the Scrapper, the Farrier, the Gambler, the Deauville, the Falkton, the Drifter, the Dewberry Creek, and the Drover
  • Rank 7: 50% discount in all stores.
  • Rank 8: Positive Max  

Even though the Gunslinger Ebony Grip is unlocked with negative honor I managed to unlock it by playing honorable unlocking the Hero Pearl Grip first then progressing the story until I could purchase the Double-Action Revolver. After looking at the grips I noticed I had access to it.

Honor benefits can be found in the Pause Menu under Player> General> Honor.

Being Devious

Super easy to be a complete outlaw. Simply roam the game killing and robbing! Some of these actions can include:

  • Hijacking carriages, trains, horses
  • Shooting, punching, kidnapping, drowning, throwing NPCs from cliffs
  • Looting NPCs houses
  • Killing livestock belonging to an NPC.
  • Observing an animal bleeding to death
    • -1 Honor
  • Scare a civilian by shooting near them
    • -1 Honor
  • Steal a horse thats hitched
    • -1 Honor
  • Trample an innocent with the your horse
    • -1 Honor
  • Beat/indimiadte a target during a robbery
    • -5 Honor
  • Descrating the dead
    • -10 Honor
  • Rob a storekeeper
    • -20 Honor
  • Observe your Horse in pain without helping it
    • Scales with frequency
  • Kill animals without skinning or stowing them on horse
    • Scales with frequency
  • Kill a lawmen or civilian
    • Scales with frequency

Make sure to tune in to Fextralife’s Twitch Channel to watch Cas as he does these actions while he complete story and optional missions.

Being Lawful

It is more difficult to do good and be rewarded for it, but there are some options players can undertake to speed up the process.

  • Bounty Hunts
    • Very solid way to increase honor. For the best return on investment save these until Chapter 6 but its not required.
  • Complete the game:
    • Players will gain access to do daily missions to get honor
  • Camp activities and camp errands
    • +5 Honor
  • Catch & Release Fishing
  • Disarm the enemy in a duel
  • Eliminating Rats in Shops
    • +5 Honor
  • Make the “right” choice during select main missions
  • Pay off your Bounties:
    • Pay your bounties at Post Offices and there is a chance players can gain honor.
    • +5 Honor
  • Surrender to Authorities/Lawmen:
    • When the local law enforcement arrive, stay unarmed and surrender. Doing so grants a chance to grant players honor.
    • +5 Honor
  • Random Occurrences
    •  At times a random person may be in need and players should help them. Some examples but not limited to:
      • Take someone home by horseback
      • Helping someone whose horse ran away or died
      • Helping an injured person
      • Giving medicine
      • Sucking out venom
      • Giving directions
    • Helping these people sometimes will net you a paltry sum of cash or even an item. One can even let you purchase a gun on his tab!
  • Tithing Box Located at Arthur’s Camp
    • Simply donate hefty sums/items. Usually $50+ triggers this.
    • +10 Honor

Main Story Honor Impacting Decisions

Below you will find every main story that will hold consequence, determining how honorable you will end up. Choosing to play these out as described below, will help you gain more honor.

Chapter 2

During Polite Society Valentine Style

  • Save the witness who is hanging from the cliff.
  • Return the stolen horse players used to catch Jimmy

We Loved Once and True

  • Accept Mary’s request to save Jamie

Chapter 3

Sodom? Back to Gomorrah

  • Avoid blowing up the safes, instead crack them

Chapter 4

Brothers and Sisters, One and All

  • Return the crucifx to the nun.

Fatherhood and Other Dreams

  • Accept her request and buy the brooch back without violence.

Chapter 6

A Rage Unleashed:

  • Help Rain Falls

Archeology for Beginners

  • Assist Monroe when he asks

Do Not Seek Absolution

  • Assist Archie & Edith

Mrs. Sadie Adler, Widow:

  • Assist Sadie.

Red Dead Redemption

  • Do not go back for the money.

The Course of True Love

  • Take the woman to her boyfriend on the train. Afterwards refuse to accept her jewelry.

Red Dead Redemption 2 launched on Playstation 4 and Xbox One on October 26th. Red Dead Online the online multiplayer mode will be launching sometime in November 2018.

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