Red Dead Online Beta Launches End of November

Red Dead Online Beta Launches End of November

Following the enormous popularity of Red Dead Redemption 2, Red Dead Online Beta is scheduled to be releasing at the end of this month.

Red Dead Online Beta Launches End of November

Rockstar Games released their earnings raking in a cool 17 million copies shipped worldwide. But fans are awaiting the next feature to hit the game, Red Dead Online. Taking the experience of the wild west to multiplayer, some saying similar to that of Rockstar’s previous title GTA Online. But when Strauss Zelnick the CEO was asked how it would match up to GTA Online his response was:

It will launch in public beta towards the end of the month – Rockstar will have a lot more to say about it.

Some of the features of Red Dead Online have been revealed in an interview with IGN, sharing that it will be an “open-world” experience. Allowing you to team up with friends to complete the narrative together, taking their “favorite elements from Grand Theft Auto Online”.

While the exact date and times have not been release for Red Dead Online, it’s good to know that the beta will still be going ahead towards the end of November. Players should note you will need a console subscription such as Playstation Plus for online mode.

Red Dead Redemption 2 launched last month and is available to play Playstation 4 and Xbox One. If you want to see some gameplay be sure to check out our Fextralife Twitch channel. If you want to know what we thought of this rugged western, be sure to read Red Dead Redemption 2 Review: Making Westerns Great Again now with video!

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