Red Dead Online Achievements Imply Some Already Have Access

Red Dead Online Achievements Imply Some Already Have Access

While fans eagerly await for the Red Dead Online Beta times to drop any day now, a recent discovery may have just shared that there are people are playing the Red Dead Online Beta already.

Red Dead Online Achievements Imply Some Already Have Access

A recent discovery by Ultragamerz reveals that the Red Dead Redemption 2 Xbox achievement “Breakout” which is related to Red Dead Online, has had some recent stats. This is unusual for a mode that has yet to launch even on beta, and this is not the only online related achievement that has been showing similar activity. If you look at the online achievement you can see there is a 0.01% stat showing for it, while it’s not a huge percentage, it does mean that there are some players with access.

Image via Ultragamerz

While Rockstar Games have yet to confirm when the actual dates and times of the beta will launch, they did mention that it would be towards the end of November. There are also no details on exactly what the Red Dead Online Beta will consist of, some saying it could be similar to that of GTA online but set in the wild-west. The developers have described the online mode as a “narrative with competitive and cooperative gameplay,” so it could be an expansion of the single-player mode in a multiplayer environment. Hopefully Rockstar still has some tricks up their sleeve to make the online gameplay mode experience fresh.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is currently available to play on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Red Dead Online beta is slated to launch at the end of November.

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