Raids Coming to Fallout 76 This August 2019

Raids Coming to Fallout 76 This August 2019

During a panel at QuakeCon, Bethesda announced when Fallout 76 will be launching raids.

Raids Coming to Fallout 76 This August 2019

Bethesda have announced the first raids will be coming to Fallout 76 on August 20th. It was shared by Jeff Gardiner who explained players will be able to team up in four-player in co-op missions with the arrival of Vault 94. But there will be more types of Vaults coming “in the not too distant future”.

Each raid will have three levels of difficulty, where the higher the challenge the more rewards you will gain. Raids with harder difficulty will also be timed, which adds further urgency to the situation. If you rather solo this option is also available, but could prove to be quite the challenge.

There will be new Power Armor which is called “Potted Plant” which features stealth-based armor complete with ferns to make it easier to hide. The first raid is set to be “very puzzle based” according to an article by PC Gamer. You will need to run the raids more than once to complete the armor set, by doing so you will unlock an additional set bonus, which is the first of its kind to come to the game.

You can check out some of the screenshots released below:

You can check out the Summer 2019 roadmap which was shared on Bethesda’s Twitter account below:

Last month Fallout 76 introduced a battle royale mode called Nuclear Winter which brought a 52 player last man standing and a more condensed Fallout 76 experience. An update called Wastelanders is set to launch this fall, bringing human NPCs, a new main quest and more.

For more Fallout 76 content be sure to drop by the Fallout 76 wiki. If you want more news from QuakeCon 2019 be sure to read about Elder Scrolls Online Scalebreaker & Update 23 Releases August 12th; Performance Improvements Announced.


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