PS5 Predicted to Release Late 2019 by Japanese Firm

PS5 Predicted to Release Late 2019 by Japanese Firm

It has been predicted by many that Sony would not be releasing their next generation of console until 2020, which was how the media have interpreted Sony’s past statements. However, according to a new report from a Japanese research firm, the PS5 might be coming next year late 2019.

PS5 Predicted to Release Late 2019 by Japanese Firm

The analyst Hideki Yasuda from the highly regarded Ace Economic Research Institute in Osaka, made interesting predictions in the his report on Sony’s financial performance.

Yasuda mentions that due to his findings, PS5 would be coming at the end of 2019. But due to spotlighted concerns from Murata Manufacturing and TDK, supply and demand of vital components may hinder the release of the console.

Below is a statement translated from the Japanese report:

At the present time, the Ace Economic Research Institute has not changed the assumption that PS5 will be introduced at the end of 2019, but made by Murata
Also pointed out at the laboratory, TDK’s report, the company side also made monolithic ceramic capacitor
(MLCC) worldwide supply and demand concerns are concerned. The company’s game machines are said to be photo realistic high
It is a high-performance machine that makes full use of end computer graphics, and it is a car of a large quantity of MLCC
With the introduction of electrical equipment and the introduction of the fifth generation mobile phone service, smartphones have become even more advanced, with the initial move
Whether or not it is possible to produce gaming machines whose point is whether or not they can be supplied in large quantities.
If procurement is difficult, there is a possibility that it will deviate from the end of the assumed 2019 year.

There is also speculation that the release date may be between 2020-2021 giving Sony time to make the needed arrangements to produce the systems to meet demand. We will have to wait and see what Sony have in-store as they have already planned a Playstation Experience event a year ahead, most likely happening in December.

At the moment Playstation 4 is still performing well in the market, as they release platform exclusive titles such as God of War and upcoming Spider-Man.

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  1. ckmishn says:

    Sony flat out said the PS5 would come out in "3 years" earlier this year. That could reasonably be any time from late 2020 to late 2021. It could not include 2019, unless Sony was flat out lying, which they had no reason to do.

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