PS5 Confirmed to Have Backwards Compatibility with PS4

PS5 Confirmed to Have Backwards Compatibility with PS4

In an article released by Wired, Sony confirms a few details on the next generation of their console. One of these major confirmations is the compatibility between the current Playstation 4 and the future PS5.

PS5 Confirmed to Have Backwards Compatibility with PS4

Looking to bridge the crossover when the next Playstation gets release, players will still be able to play their current PS4 games on the next console with backwards compatibility. This will be a welcomed feature as it was something that was missing from PS4 with the exception of Playstation Now bringing in previous releases to the catalogue of games.

The exact details on the extent of the backwards compatible capabilities are still a bit thin on the ground, but the recent article by Wired states:

…because it’s based in part on the PS4’s architecture, it will also be backward-compatible with games for that console.

Those who were hoping there would be some big announcement for PS5 to launch this year will have to wait as as it “won’t be landing in store anytime in 2019” according to the article. This of course doesn’t mean it could not be coming 2020, and with that suspicion we may see some exclusive first party IPs return. (Bloodborne 2 please!)

Other features include it will be powered by a CPU based AMD chip with a custom unit for 3D audio which stands to be a game changer according to system’s architect Mark Cerny:

As a gamer, it’s been a little bit of a frustration that audio did not change too much between PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. With the next console the dream is to show how dramatically different the audio experience can be when we apply significant amounts of hardware horsepower to it.

There will also be a third-generation AMD Ryzen processor, GPU based on AMD’s Radeon Navi which supports up to 8k resolutions. The console will also include a SSD which sets to reduce load times. PSVR will also be supported but Cerny was reluctant to share more about the next generation of this.

  • According to the sources, the platform expects to reduce loading times and demonstrated a title going from 15 seconds to 0.8 seconds – plus of course the promises of improved draw distance and reducing pop-in!

While there is no news when Sony will plan to divulge more information about the upcoming console, with already announcing they wouldn’t be a part of this year’s E3 2019. There might be hope for Gamescom as the host of The Games Awards Geoff Keighley will be presenting a new show called Gamescom: Opening Night Live pre-show which plans to layout some announcements on Monday 19th August at 11:00 a.m. PT.

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