PS4 Firmware 3.0 in Beta testing (Rumor)

PS4 Firmware 3.0 in Beta testing (Rumor)

It would seem that the Playstation 4 is up for a major firmware update in the coming weeks. A Japanese-language tweet leaked that a private Beta is being held.

A summary of the new features, via NeoGAF user crinale, is below

  • “Event” menu is added that allows you to find events related to Playstation, join them and watch them.
  • “Community” is added to “friend” menu that allows you to make new community or join existing ones.
  • “Now Playing” is added to “friend”, “community”, “message” and profile screen that allows you to display games members are currently playing. You can request to join their games or
  • Request to broadcast the game.
  • “Message” function has been improved that it displays “now playing” and allows you to start party easily. You can add groups to your favorite list
  • You can broadcast via Youtube
  • You can upload short (10 sec) game clips to twitter.

Some of these features, such as “community” sound very interesting. What do you find the most exciting?

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3 comments on “PS4 Firmware 3.0 in Beta testing (Rumor)”

  1. Avatar JudasBlitzkrieg says:

    The YouTube broadcasting option appeals to me. I just hope it works better than the Twitch broadcasting service, which is, quite frankly, awful.

  2. Avatar Fexelea says:

    Those are the two features that appealed to me as well. I really want to know what this community thing is about, particularly because I have so many people on my friends list that it would be great to be able to organize them better.

    The Youtube streaming thing sounds really nice. Twitch is delayed and buggy in odd ways so I’m hoping youtube and its massive infrastructure will help this. We will certainly give it a try for site events :D

  3. Avatar NPC_invader says:

    Those are some very interesting features, so this youtube live streaming is part of their strategy to compete with twitch, I never saw a youtube stream, I probably will see some of those now. Twitch only works for me very late for some reason, it never works during the day.

    Also organizing a group of people is a bit complicated when using a PSN chat and there are no moderators (or anything) and there is a limit of 100 players per chat, the “Community” feature could be useful if allows a better set up to organize a group.

    Looking forward to get this update if it exist :laughing: .

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