Project Scarlett Won’t Be The Last Xbox Console

Project Scarlett Won’t Be The Last Xbox Console

Boss of Xbox shares that their latest console Project Scarlett which was announced at E3 this year, will not be their last.

Project Scarlett Won’t Be The Last Xbox Console

While companies such as Google are moving into streaming platforms such as Stadia, as well as upcoming xCloud from Microsoft, Xbox is staying the course for their next console currently called Project Scarlett. Both PS5 and Project Scarlett will be the next generation of console, but will it be their last?

According to boss of Xbox, Phil Spencer this might not be the case. He shared at E3 when asked about their plans for the future console “We’re not planning for Scarlett to be our last console.” This doesn’t rule out the idea of it being the last addition, but their intention is to have future entries. Whether it will be upgraded versions like what the Xbox One X is to Xbox One, or whether it will be another generation of consoles is currently unknown.

Some are already sceptical about the viability of game streaming platforms at this point, with the lack of fast and reliable internet connections worldwide, it might not be possible for this to be an option for all gamers. The directors of The Outer Worlds Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky have already voiced their opinions about streaming platform Stadia a few months back, sharing that while it may happen eventually, now might not be the right time. But this hasn’t stopped a number of titles to sign up with Stadia, which includes a number of games including upcoming Borderlands 3, Baldur’s Gate 3, The Elder Scrolls Online and more.

You might be wondering if this is the case then what about Microsoft’s xCloud launching this year? According to Spencer having xCloud doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have Scarlett and visa versa, it’s more about the variety of choice as well as personal preference:

I could be wrong. We’re going to continue with our xCloud work and the magic that’s being put in there. But we look at it as, me running local hardware… and the analogy I use is going to be important… the analogy I use is, I’m a Spotify subscriber, I’m a Netflix subscriber, it’s not like that streaming has led to fewer devices around me. If anything I have more devices around me. The price point of a console isn’t for everybody, but it’s not a thousand bucks. So the idea I would have a dedicated machine in my house that plays games really well doesn’t seem foreign to me, even if I’m streaming games a lot of the time.

This statement can be supported by their recent news of bringing Xbox Game Pass to PC which is now in beta, xCloud coming later this year and the announcement of Project Scarlett. xCloud could be seen as them putting their foot in the door for streaming, while still supporting their dedicated gaming console with the announcement of the next-gen console.

Project Scarlett will release in the holiday period of 2020.

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One comment on “Project Scarlett Won’t Be The Last Xbox Console”

  1. ckmishn says:

    Maybe, but given Microsoft is now releasing all their first party titles on PC, I see no point in ever buying one.

    I probably would have bought a PS5, were it not for Sony’s recent fit of censorship. it’s gotten so bad many games censored on the PS4 actually have uncensored (or at least less censored) versions on the Nintendo Switch. It’s pretty bad when you demand more censorship than Nintendo.

    That only leaves Nintendo. They have the least. games that I want to play, but I got a Switch anyway, and some day Metroid Prime 4 might actually be released (though I wouldn’t be surprised if it was delayed so long it ended up being a Zelda BOTW-style cross-generation release with their next console.

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