Project Prelude Rune Cancelled Confirmed by Square Enix

Project Prelude Rune Cancelled Confirmed by Square Enix

Square Enix have officially announced that Project Prelude Rune has officially been cancelled as the studio developing the title, Studio Istolia closes down.

Project Prelude Rune Cancelled Confirmed by Square Enix

The game Project Prelude Rune was originally announced back in 2017 by Square Enix under the developer Studio Istolia. On May 14th, Square Enix has officially announced the project cancellation and the developer studio has now shut down with the employees being transferred to Square Enix.

The announcement was made after the website was taken down as well as social media accounts related to the game, as well as the news of the departure of the director Hideo Baba earlier this month. Hideo Baba the ex-Tales producer was originally working on the Playstation 4 RPG title.

This is not the first Square Enix director of a game to be leaving the company with Hajime Tabata leaving the developer at the end of last year, who is now working on his own paralympian theme RPG called The Pegasus Dream Tour.

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