Prey for the Gods Confirms Open World Gameplay

Prey for the Gods Confirms Open World Gameplay

In their most recent newsletter update for Prey for the Gods, developer No Matter Studios has revealed that the Action-Adventure survival game will have an open world structure.

Operating as a 3 person team, an open world presented a challenge to the indie studio. However the game’s survival premise in a barren landscape all but demanded the structure. According to No Matter the game takes place “on a massive island filled with impossible odds and one of them being the island itself. We want the player to see the vast landscapes and set out into the brave unknown.”


Because of the work required to build the open landscape the studio has set up a system that allows the team to work on the concept without impeding the process or requiring areas be locked off. With this set up, the team can now work on specific locations on the island such as a lake, shores or highlands.

They also shared the work that has been completed thus far:

  • Elite Outfit, Heavy Outfit, Elite Pouch, Torch are modeled, textured and in game.
  • Raven Outfit, and Wolf Outfit are concepted and in modeling state.
  • Elite Grappling Hook, Wolf Skins, and Raven Skins are initially concepted
  • “Shores of the Dead” is first pass in game.
  • Began rehearsal and experimentation with music
  • Added additional states to our climbing. Revising the core locomotion and making it feel better.
  • Trying out new lighting to help the player character colors be a little more saturated.
  • Second boss first pass playable in game
  • Implemented cave system into open world
  • New tools for world building


As for the game’s future development, they are presently working on the 2nd boss of the game, with plans for next 3 and will be hosting a stream this Friday to answer fan questions. The game plans to have 5-8 bosses when it launches on PC, PS4 and Xbox One sometime late 2017. If you want to learn more check out our Prey for the Gods preview  and keep checking back with us!

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