Pre-order Issues With Hacker’s Memory (Solved)

Pre-order Issues With Hacker’s Memory (Solved)

Hacker’s Memory is a sublime installment in the Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth line, with changes to better balance the Digimon for both pve and pvp. However, in attempts to improve the overall distribution of the game (AKA sell more copies), players had the option to pre-order the game in order to obtain bonuses. Those who pre-ordered through the PSN Store were able to snag a theme for their dash, while those that order a physical copy got the following (or were supposed to anyway):

Supposed Pre-Order Bonuses



  • Omnimon NX
  • Sistermon Noir/Ciel and Blanc digivolve conditions
  • Leopardmon NX
  • Crusadermon NX

Main Character Attire:

  • V. Uchida Costume
  • Summer Camp T-Shirt
  • Beelzebumon Emblem T-Shirt
  • Inoden School Attire

Pre-Order Issues and Resolution

Players who pre-ordered the physical copy of the game obtained a code to download their contents, listed above, but there was an error on the PSN Store with the validity of it preventing them from redeeming said bonuses. This issue had been going on for 3 days now, but the good news is that Playstation and Bandai Namco were able to resolve the issue.


So, if you were having an issue with your code to redeem the bonuses be sure to go get them now. There’s no time to waste!


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