Pokemon Home Premium Plan Features Revealed

Pokemon Home Premium Plan Features Revealed

Pokemon Home is set to release in February, and the recent official website has shared features, pricing and details of the premium plan.

Pokemon Home Premium Plan Features Revealed

Pokemon Home was announced last year, set to allow players to transfer their Pokemon from various games and the Pokemon Bank. On the official Pokemon Home website they have now outlined how much this live service will set you back. Pricing is subscription based meaning you either purchase a month at a time, three months or you can commit to a full year. This is priced at $2.99 per month, $4.99 for 3 months and $15.99 for a year. There are a lot of features available with the premium plan, the main selling point being able to transfer up to 6000 of your Pokemon between games.

Pokemon Plan shows the benefits of the Premium plan which offers a lot more than the free version. Is it worth the price?

Those who rather use the free version of Pokemon Home will not be able to transfer more than 30 Pokemon. Other differences between the free and subscription based plan include how many Pokemon can be placed in the Wonder Box, the number of Pokemon that can be placed in the GTS at once, being able to host Room Trade and the Judge function only available with the Premium version.

The infographic explains which Pokemon games/services can transfer Pokemon, whether it’s one way or two way. You can only transfer back and forth between Pokemon Home and Sword/Shield.

For those who have been long-term fans of the franchise or players who are committed to catching ’em all, Pokemon Home will be pretty useful. However the pricing it quite a bit more than the previous Pokemon Bank which was available for the 3DS which cost only $5 per year. On top of Nintendo Switch Online, players will need to decide whether they think this will be a vital service for their Pokemon hunting.

What do you think of the features and subscription price? Let us know in the comments below.

Pokemon Home will be going live in February, no exact date has be announced as of yet.

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