Playstation Remote Play Might Be Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Playstation Remote Play Might Be Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Sony could be considering opening their Playstation Remote Play option to more devices according to a recent survey.

Playstation Remote Play Might Be Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Once quite hesitant about cross-play, Sony hasn’t been so forthcoming when its come to where you can play their games. But as we get to stage where it seems more common with such games as Fornite, they could be interested in loosening the reins a little, or at least in theory.

Currently how Remote Play works is that PS4 users can stream games on their PC, Mac, iOS or Android device with DualShock support. But at this time you will need to connect to your home broadband network in order to have access, which means you cannot play on-the-go.

However, in a recent survey there were questions that could be hinting that, that could change in future. On Reddit a user by name of YouRedditHereFirst shared a number of questions which focuses on the inclusion of further devices for Remote Play, referring to “Nintendo Switch, Apple TV, or Android TV” as examples. Other questions asked feedback on the addition of PS1/PS2 titles as well as a slimmer more portable controller. There was also a question about using “PS4 Remote Play on a device without an Internet Connection”. With other platforms looking to the future, is Sony also getting on board?

As we head closer to the reveal of PS5 this year, Sony could be finding ways to make their console more appealing, with offering a service that could rival that of Xbox Game Pass. Even Nintendo have shared that cloud gaming could be the main focus in a decades time and it was “pointless to solely focus on methods of play that can only be had on dedicated hardware.”

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