Playstation Awards 2018 Announced for December 3rd 2018

Playstation Awards 2018 Announced for December 3rd 2018

Sony Interactive Entertainment have shared that there will be no Playstation Experience this year in December, however have now announce their plans for the Playstation Awards 2018 which will take place on December 3rd.

Playstation Awards 2018 Announced for December 3rd 2018

The awards event has been held in Japan since the inception of Playstation back in 1994, this year marks the 24th anniversary of the event.

It’s traditional for games that have excelled in over 500,000 copies in Japan and Asia during the past year will receive a Gold Prize. Those who have achieved over a million copies in sales will receive Platinum Prize.

A prestigious Playstation Network prize is to be given to three of the best-selling PSN games, a User’s Choice Award will be awarded to the winning number of votes made by gamers, and Indie as well as Playstation VR will have a category of their own.

If you wish to watch the award ceremony live, it will be streamed on Youtube for all to watch. The award ceremony will take place at the Grand Prince Hotel New Tanawaka in Tokyo.

For a chance to vote for this year’s User’s Choice Award, those who have a PSN Account in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand or Indonesia can cast their votes on the Playstation website. Each voter can choose up to 5 games, casting their votes between October 1st to October 8th 2018.

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