Playstation App and You

Playstation App and You

Last updated on August 10th, 2015

 The Vitals:

  • Free release in November in conjunction with PS4 launch in West.
  • Integrates with Twitter and Facebook
  • Access to PS store, allow for remote download of games



According to Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios (via Twitter):

Shuhei Yoshida @yosp:

“When you buy a PS4 game on smartphone, it will wake your PS4 up to start downloading the game. PS4 goes back to sleep after that.”

Yoshida gave some important details via the Playstation Blog:

  • Players will be able to connect to their profiles and send text and voice messages to friends.
  • Ability to compare trophies.
  • View friends’ Activity such as recorded or live gameplay.
  • Access to Playstation blog news.
  • Friends on the PS4 can send out multiplayer invites which can be checked on the app.
  • The aforementioned PS store functionality
  • A very promising feature is “Second Screen” gameplay on enabled games.  Supported games will provide means of interacting via the app, a functions that is made accessible to smaller developers who are unable to develop their own costly first party apps.  It is open to all PS4 developers for use.

Sony seems to be delivering on the social element here with a focus squarely on gamers and gaming. In an increasingly mobile world it’s smart to have a strong presence on smartphones and tablets. When gamers aren’t home playing they are checking in on news and social communities built around games. Steam’s mobile app has been very effective in engaging their community further and Sony is now taking the next step by providing yet another input interface for developers. With so many streamlined options, developers both large and small will have ample room to explore creative gaming concepts. This is a big win for the entire video game industry .

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