Playstation 5 Will Not Waste as Much Energy as Playstation 4

Playstation 5 Will Not Waste as Much Energy as Playstation 4

According the latest Playstation Blog post, Sony’s next console Playstation 5 will not waste as much energy as Playstation 4.

Playstation 5 Will Not Waste as Much Energy as Playstation 4

Sony Interactive Entertainment boss Jim Ryan shared in the post Playstation 5’s suspend gameplay feature will consume power than what the PS4 currently uses in suspend gameplay. Sony estimates that the new console will run suspend gameplay at around 0.5W. While this might not sound like a lot but according to Ryan if 1 million users cumulatively used this mode, they’d be saving about the same of what 1000 US homes use.

If just one million users enable this feature, it would save equivalent to the average electricity use of 1000 US homes.

This announcement was unveiled as part of the Playing for the Planet alliance, a collaborative partnership which will appear at the UN Climate Summit.

Ryan among others from the gaming industry “to make formal commitments to contribute to the efforts of the UN Environment committee”.

According to Ryan the savings made on PS4 have been quite effective:

For context, we estimate the carbon emissions we have avoided to date already amount to almost 16m metric tons, increasing to 29m metric tons over the course of the next 10 years (which equals the CO2 emissions for the nation of Denmark in 2017).

This is just part of one step Sony hopes to make to help reduce their carbon footprint which they will also extend to their data centers once they have fully made a complete assessment.

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  1. Avatar qeter says:

    a new cpu is more power efficient? par for the course as far as environmental announcements go i suppose.

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