Playstation 5 Specs Reveals 10 Teraflop GPU and Expandable SSD Slot

Playstation 5 Specs Reveals 10 Teraflop GPU and Expandable SSD Slot

Sony has unveiled some new specs that was revealed in a presentation video by lead system architect for Playstation 5 Mark Cerny.

Playstation 5 Specs Reveals 10 Teraflop GPU and Expandable SSD Slot

Sony announced before today’s event that they would be revealing detailed information as the lead system architect Mark Cerny would “deep dive” the inner working of the Playstation 5.

This included talking about the load time compared to the PS4. The PS5 load time has a target of loading 5GB in terms of bandwidth, with the target of being instantaneous. Quite the tall order for consoles with a history of loading screens. However, this makes for a super fast system with no load times, meaning fast travel is lightning speed and “you’re immediately back in the action when you die”.

While an SSD eliminates these load times, Sony’s aim is to give developers absolute freedom, so they can have the high detailed environments they want without having to have a long staircase or elevator ride to transition these. This means developers can create games how they want, without these limitations.

Cerny also went into the details of how backwards compatibility will work in terms of PS4 and PS5. Sony has already confirmed there will be backwards compatibility with PS4, but no confirmation on previous consoles as of yet which have been rumoured. Previous PS4 has the chipset from PS3 built in, but this can be quite costly. Instead PS5 will have the difference between systems build in.

PS5 will have quite the large expandable space in terms of external harddrive, you will be slot most NVMe SSD cards and USB hard drives will be supported as well. Playstation 5 will also come with a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray drive meaning optimum movie playback.

Just before this presentation Digital Foundry released the latest specifications for the upcoming PS5 which you can find below:

Playstation 5 Specs

  • CPU: 8x Zen 2 Cores at 3.5GHz (variable frequency)
  • GPU: 10.28 TFLOPs, 36 CUs at 2.23GHz (variable frequency)
  • GPU Architecture: Custom RDNA 2
  • Memory/Interface: 16GB GDDR6/256-bit
  • Memory Bandwith: 448GB/s
  • Internal Storage: Custom 825GB SSD
  • IO Throughput: 5.5GB/s (Raw), Typical 8-9GB/s (Compressed)
  • Expandable Storage: NVMe SSD Slot
  • External Storage: USB HDD Support
  • Optical Drive: 4K UHD Blu-ray Drive

Cerny goes into quite some details in terms of the tech, if you want to catch the whole presentation you can watch it below:

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Playstation 5 will launch in the holidays of 2020, no confirmed release date has been shared as of yet.

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