Playstation 5 Showcase Announced for September 16th

Playstation 5 Showcase Announced for September 16th

Sony has announced a PS5 event will be held on September 16th, hopefully finally revealing what the exact release date and price.

Playstation 5 Showcase Announced for September 16th

A Playstation 5 showcase will be broadcasted on September 16th at 1PM PT on Twitch and Youtube, which should be revealing the only thing left to reveal for the console the release date and price. This week Microsoft unveiled the official launch date of November 10th, as well as pricing for the Xbox Series X and it’s lighter sibling Xbox Series S (no disc drive).

With this news at hand, it only makes sense that Sony finally unveils their pricing for the Playstation 5 and the the digital edition which comes without a disc drive. The launch date predictably will be near Xbox’s, but it will be interesting to see where the price range sits for the console. This will definitely will be a determining factor for some, as well what services are offered alongside.

As we’re only a few days out, there could be another leak before the broadcast, but we will see all the official details including pre-orders on September 16th. There could still be a couple of tricks up Sony’s sleeves when it comes to launch titles, Demon’s Souls perhaps? We’ll wait in anticipation for this week’s broadcast.

Placement artwork and box art appeared on Amazon Australia, and previously a rating in Korea could suggest it’s coming sooner than than we’d thought.

Looking for more PS5 news? Check out the latest trailer for Godfall which is a confirmed Playstation 5 launch title.


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