Playstation 5 Gets a Release Window & New Controller

Playstation 5 Gets a Release Window & New Controller

It was announced today on the Playstation blog by Jim Ryan, CEO of SEI, that Playstation 5 has a release window. The next gen console will be launching in time for the holidays of 2020, which likely means sometime before Black Friday next year (November). If you remember, and it’s a ways back, Playstation 4 was launched in November of 2013, so this keeps with the theme we’ve expected.

Playstation 5 Gets a Release Window & New Controller

The PlayStation 5’s new controller will feature two notable differences. First, the vibration inside the controller itself has been re-imagined in a way that allows for different sensations based on what is happening to you in game. The example given was that crashing into a wall will feel vastly different than being tackled in a game like Madden. It doesn’t stop there though, as it was mentioned you may even feel the difference between walking through grass or mud, which really makes one curious how it will truly “feel”.

Second, there will be changes made to the L2 and R2 buttons, or the triggers of the controller. Developers can now program the resistance of these buttons so that you feel the sensation of performing certain activities. The examples given were drawing a bow and arrow or accelerating an off-road vehicle through rocky terrain.

All in all the focus of PS5 is to give even more immersion and it’s clear that the focus with the controller is on the “feel” of the game, which makes sense…because it’s a controller. How this will be received by the general market remains to be seen. Can you really feel the difference? I guess we’ll find out next holiday season!

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