Playstation 4 Exclusives Gain Brand New Box Art

Playstation 4 Exclusives Gain Brand New Box Art

Sony has unveiled new box art for its Playstation 4 exclusive games which includes Bloodborne, God of War, The Last of Us and more.

Playstation 4 Exclusives Gain Brand New Box Art

New box art has been revealed for Playstation exclusives which has a range of 10 games each with some sleek new covers. At the moment these new designs are only available in the UK according to Playstation, but they are “looking at getting some clean JPEGs” for those outside of the UK to print for themselves according to IGN.

The collection includes the following exclusive games:

You can check out the covers below:

Those who wish to purchase these games with the new box art can find them on If you’re picking up Bloodborne be sure to drop by our Bloodborne wiki if you need help with the game.

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